Learn How Simulation Speeds Turbomachinery Development: TurboExpo Preview

Turbine blades of turbo jet engine turboexpo

I was reminded just how complicated and expensive it is to develop a jet engine when I came across a video describing GE’s recent $26 million Cdn investment to upgrade its Winnipeg test facility. That is on top of even bigger investments by Rolls-Royce ($50 million) and GE ($40 million) and in recent years. Physical testing is not only expensive, it is time consuming and can lengthen design cycles.

Meanwhile, it has become easier than ever to simulate engine performance prior to any physical testing. Improved techniques like harmonic analysis, turbomachinery-specific workflows and better validation coupled with faster, more capable high performance & cloud computing are quickly expanding simulation so engineers can be confident in their designs before the first prototype is ever built. While physical testing is not going away anytime soon, ANSYS is working on digital prototyping with leading turbomachinery companies and helping them to cut it down to size.

That is why I’m so excited about the ASME TurboExpo / Power & Energy conference coming up next week in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I can’t wait to immerse myself in the newest advancements and meet some of the 4000+ experts who will be attending from around the globe. It will truly be like drinking from a fire hose!

If you are attending, I invite you to please stop by the ANSYS booth 701 and talk me and our experts.  Plus, we are going to be showing a new turbomachinery visualization tool that will knock your socks off.  I can’t say more, you have to see it. Learn more about ANSYS at the TurboExpo here


Here are just a few of the talks that you don’t want to miss:

Simulation Innovations Speed Turbomachinery Design and Analysis
Tuesday, June 27, 4:00 – 4:30
Andre Braune, Technical Account Manager, ANSYS

Use of Simulation in Additive Manufacturing
Wednesday, June 28, 1:45 – 2:15
Dave Conover, Corporate Fellow, ANSYS

Digital connectivity enhancing product life cycle value through prognostic health monitoring (PHM)
Wednesday, June 28, 4:00 – 4:30
Ahmad Haidari, Ph.D., Global Industry Director, ANSYS

Mode Shapes and Dominant Frequency Predictions in a Swirl Stabilized Premixed Air-Methane Combustor Using Modal Analysis and Large Eddy Simulation (LES)
Tushar Jadhav, Stefano Orsino, Saurabh Patwardhan and Pravin Nakod, ANSYS, Inc
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Unsteady Flow in a Centrifugal Compressor Stage Equipped with a Vaned Diffuser and Cavities
Christophe Corneloup & Dr. François Moyroud, GE Oil & Gas France
Dr. Mohand Younsi, & Dr. Antoine Baldacci, ANSYS, Inc.
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A Hybrid Flamelet Generated Manifold Model For Modeling Partially Premixed Turbulent Combustion Flames
Rakesh Yadav, Sandeep Jain, ANSYS Inc.  Ashoke De, I.I.T Kanpur
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