Software Tools for the Development of Embedded Code

In today’s ultra-competitive environment, product differentiation increasingly depends on embedded software. From automobiles to airplanes to medical devices, systems architecture and embedded software are important parts of product development cycles. Being able to manage these processes effectively so that you get the desired results is becoming a differentiator.

Today, the cars that we drive have more that 10 million lines of code! Can you imagine the hours it takes to come up with the definitions of what the car should do and how it should do it — let alone implement all this correctly through software code? It’s a time-consuming process, and getting it right the first time is challenging. We’ve all seen examples of what happens when the code isn’t correct. Incorrect code can cost companies millions of dollars, and more importantly, it erodes customers’ trust in that brand.

By using model-based, production-proven software tools for the development of embedded code, products can be developed in a faster and safer manner. And, when coupled with a certified automatic code generator, compliance for standards like DO-178B/C in aerospace, ISO 26262 in automotive and EN 50128 in rail is more rapidly achieved.

Last year, we at Esterel Technologies were very excited to join the ANSYS family and to bring the SCADE products into the ANSYS portfolio. Every day, customers around the world rely on SCADE solutions to model and verify the performance of embedded software — and to ensure that systems-level results will be as expected.

cockpitIn the aviation industry, for example, companies have used SCADE Suite to produce and certify software code underlying critical components, including airport navigation systems, primary flight displays and multifunction displays. Automotive companies are applying SCADE tools to develop a new generation of electric vehicles. Embedded software code supporting vehicle dynamics, engine functions, energy consumption, battery load management and other key functions is produced and certified using these solutions.

With certified, automatic generation of embedded code, SCADE holds special product certifications in its key industries. SCADE products are qualified at the highest level of safety across six market segments, certified by 10 safety authorities worldwide. Aligning each customer’s software design process with international safety standards objectives can reduce overall embedded software development costs by 50 percent, while also providing a two-times speedup rate in time to certification.

By employing a systematic approach to the product development process, engineers can ensure that they are keeping their product promise. For the first time, ANSYS customers can apply a Simulation-Driven Product Development approach to both hardware and embedded software simultaneously — supporting a true systems-level engineering  approach.

Learn more about the history of Esterel Technologies and SCADE by reading “Safe Landing” in the recent ANSYS Advantage magazine or visiting the SCADE product section on the ANSYS web site.