Embedded Systems and Highly-Skilled Engineers

Take five minutes and think about what you did today and you’ll see that embedded systems are everywhere. Let me show you what I mean.

SCADE Solutions for Academics - embedded systemsYou woke up, turned on your coffee machine, and got ready for work. Then maybe you took your car, the metro, the train or possibly the plane. Arrived at the office. Now you are using your computer, whose energy comes from maybe nuclear, solar or hydraulic resources. You are sitting on your chair in front of your desk, both transported to your country by ship. And if you look up through the window, for sure there is one satellite screening your area at the moment. Do you know that all these devices, from your coffee machine, to your car, the electrical plants and satellites, function thanks to the embedded code that defines their actions?

Embedded systems – Training engineers

We use and interact with them without paying attention, without even knowing it. Embedded systems gain a special importance when it comes to critical systems — like the one that ensures that your car gets you safely to work, for example.

The more embedded systems are called for, the more people there are needed to create them. This means more engineers who need training on how to implement these systems efficiently and how to ensure a safe environment.

Usually these engineers are part of teams spread worldwide, in different locations, different time zones, speaking different languages, but with common constraints: tight schedules and high safety requirements.

This is why there is a ​growing need for ​e-learning services. Mainly based on videos and concrete exercises application, this learning technique allows engineers to dedicate the proper time to better their skills, even acquire new ones, while tackling the schedules and quality issues they deal with. ​E-learning services offer a flexible environment that corresponds to evolving situations.

As the E-Training Manager, I am committed to this initiative by offering our e-learning videos covering the SCADE product family to provide our customers, our academic users and others who are interested in gaining skills and knowledge — to empower them to provide a safer and better (embedded) world.

The first video in the series will give you an introduction to the Scade language.

Follow this up by learning how to create your first project in the SCADE Suite tool.

A full set of embedded systems e-learning videos will be made available on the ANSYS YouTube TechTips channel over the the coming months.​ ​If you can’t wait to see all of them there, you can download them now from the SCADE E-Learning site.


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About Chloe Dasse

Chloe Dasse is the E-Training Manager and the Academic Program Manager of the System Business Unit of ANSYS. She focuses on the SCADE® products family - SCADE Suite®, SCADE Display®, SCADE System® and SCADE LifeCycle® - and on the ANSYS Simplorer® product. She implements the e-learning strategy for ANSYS embedded systems customers and partners. Chloe also creates synergies between ANSYS customers' training and the SCADE Academic Program. She is in permanent contact with worldwide academic entities to foster the community around the embedded systems products of ANSYS.