Enabling Virtual System Prototyping with ANSYS Simplorer

simulation_graphicThe objective of simulation software is to inform design choices and provide validation results that include systems-level qualities, properties, characteristics, functions, behavior and performance insight. The simulation solution needs to go beyond the parts, or engineering disciplines of the design, and accurately describe the interacting effects of these parts as well as an accurate view into the detail of how these parts perform — essentially a virtual system.

I’m happy to let you know that you can build complete virtual systems prototypes, allowing every system engineer to use simulation with the most advanced technologies for 3-D simulation and embedded systems and software design. The majority of usage is historically concentrated at the component and sub-system level. Now all ANSYS users have the the technology to assemble these different components into complete virtual prototypes of software-controlled, multi-domain systems. With virtual system prototypes, there is huge value with optimizing not just the performance of individual components or sub-systems, but optimizing the performance of the entire system. I’m very excited that we provide this capability!

ANSYS Simplorer enables assembly of complete virtual system prototypes:

  • virtual system prototypingHigh level of interoperability with tools, model reuse, and support for standards (VHDL-AMS, Spice, Modelica, C, C++, etc.)
  •  Unique connections to ANSYS 3-D physics and embedded software (ANSYS SCADE)
  •  Open to third party tool integration with the Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) standard

ANSYS Simplorer not only allows users to assemble the physical components with the systems and software models into a simulation platform, it also allows users to test the entire system working as a whole. Users can evaluate architectures, select components and tune parameters to achieve optimal system performance:

  •    Identify problems between hardware and software components earlier
  •    Create virtual test rigs to evaluate system compliance with performance standards
  •    Simulate thousands of virtual prototypes to analyze system robustness and reliability

Take a look at how ANSYS Simplorer can help you to design, test and validate virtual systems and this video from Cummins. I think you’ll be as excited about these recent developments as I am!


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  1. As i have gone through the MATLAB simulink-Simscape and also Maple sim but i am not able to built my system
    My system is as below
    As i want to produce Compressed air -Storage -and utilization using air engine.
    so my question is that is it Possible here so can start?

    and i can apply for training at INDIA-Pune center

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