Ensuring Safety on the Rails

scade academicThe tragic derailing of an Amtrak train near Philadelphia points out just one of the challenges facing the modern railroad industry — safety. The industry also must contend with rising energy costs, fast growth of capacity requirements in emerging markets, increasing certification costs and interoperability requirements.

The “Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety” link (RAMS, EN-50126) and “Railway Applications —Communication, Signaling and Processing Systems” (EN-50128) standards establish specifications for rail systems, sub-systems and components. EN-50128 specifically deals with product development processes for software-based controls, human-machine interfaces and power electronics.

Together, these standards bring increasing complexity to the rail transportation market. And complexity can best be handled by adopting model-based engineering.

The ANSYS SCADE model-based engineering solution is an integrated environment that handles many of the requirements of these rail transportation standards: systems and software architecture, parameterized components and reusability, rigorous traceability and documentation management, configuration management and project management, and verification and certification. ANSYS SCADE can support railway companies in mastering their time-to-market while reducing cost, risk, and time-to-certification.

Here at ANSYS, we are helping to advance the state of the art in railway technology. We recently held a rail seminar with the University of Florence, one of our academic program members. They are developing a safety-critical signaling application with ANSYS SCADE. Take a look at their presentation to learn more.

SACC-Logo-2Also, learn more about other work by ANSYS SCADE academic program members at our upcoming SCADE Academic Community Conference. Register today!



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Chloe Dasse is the E-Training Manager and the Academic Program Manager of the System Business Unit of ANSYS. She focuses on the SCADE® products family - SCADE Suite®, SCADE Display®, SCADE System® and SCADE LifeCycle® - and on the ANSYS Simplorer® product. She implements the e-learning strategy for ANSYS embedded systems customers and partners. Chloe also creates synergies between ANSYS customers' training and the SCADE Academic Program. She is in permanent contact with worldwide academic entities to foster the community around the embedded systems products of ANSYS.