Expanding System Simulation with Modelica

System Simulation.  It is an activity that can be defined broadly, and for many organizations it represents an aspiration for a type of engineering analysis that spans departments and disciplines and doesn’t fall into the familiar buckets of 3-D structures, fluids and electromagnetics. In contrast to 3-D multiphysics simulation, which seeks to understand coupling effects of different physical phenomena in the detailed design of individual components, multi-domain system simulation is used to analyze the interactions of many components operating together as a system, including software components describing embedded control and user interfaces.

We hear from our customers that system simulation is becoming increasingly important in the design and verification of their complex integrated products—as a means to evaluate architectural choices, to verify and optimize performance and to assess reliability. System simulation also offers a context for them to create more continuity and reuse within their development processes, from requirements through system validation.

The potential for system simulation to transform development processes is great, and ANSYS is keen on being a close partner to organizations who are driving to evolve their systems competency. We are actively extending our solutions for systems—including SCADE System for system engineering, SCADE Suite and Display for embedded software controls and user interface design, Simplorer for multi-domain system simulation—to increase our customers’ capabilities for Simulation-Driven Product Development.

Courtesy Modelon Vehicle Dynamics Library

Earlier this week, ANSYS announced a strategic relationship with Modelon, a provider of Modelica and FMI-based solutions for model-based systems design, as a key step in providing capabilities to model and simulate complete virtual system prototypes. As part of this agreement, we are integrating Modelon’s Optimica Compiler into the Simplorer environment, providing our customer base with support for creating and simulating a rich collection of Modelica models that span numerous engineering disciplines and applications.

In case you’re not familiar, Modelica is an open, multi-domain language standard for modeling complex physical system behavior. Around the Modelica language there is a vibrant and expanding ecosystem of commercial and academic users, tool vendors and library developers who create and use Modelica models to analyze, exchange and collaborate for physical system simulation. Check out the Modelica website to learn more. Also take a look at Sameer Kher’s blog post on the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI), an emerging standard for exchanging system simulation models.

We are lucky to have the opportunity to work with Modelon. They are a premier provider of Modelica and FMI-based solutions, and they are a respected leader in the Modelica community. The integration of Modelon’s technology into Simplorer begins immediately, and will span several areas areas of capability including Modelica model development, simulation, and model library support. We’re excited to introduce these additional capabilities in our solutions, and we will keep you posted as we progress.