Getting Started with ANSYS 15.0

installing ANSYS 15Now that ANSYS 15.0 is released the next thing many of you will be doing is downloading and installing the new version.

NOTE: This blog is aimed at current customers.  If you’re not a current customer you might want to tune out now and watch for tomorrows blog!

We’re providing several materials to help you to successfully get through this process so you can get on with using the new functionality in ANSYS 15.0!

When you go to the customer portal to download the software you will notice that you are taken to a Getting Started page. This page contains the information you should need to install the products successfully. We recommend that you pay special attention to the installation section which contains video’s and documentation links that can guide you through the process.


If you need more information that is not listed here the Installation and Licensing Help and Tutorials page should be your next stop.  This page contains more indepth Tutorials on Installing ANSYS 15.0 in addition to documents on CAD Configuration and Configuring Remote Solutions.

We’ve also updated the video tutorials on YouTube for v15.0. On the ANSYS Tech Tips channel here’s what you’ll find.

We hope you find these materials useful!

2 thoughts on “Getting Started with ANSYS 15.0

  1. I am having a problem using the -silent install of Ansys 15. The same command that works on Ansys 14.5.7 does not work for Ansys 15. It installs some of the product I state, but always seems to die on -cfx. It switches over to the %TEMP% folder to look for the .7z files. Any help would be appreciated.


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