Mad About Designing a Smartwatch?

Click image to see his 2 watches in action

Jim Cramer is the host of Mad Money. I watch his high-energy, entertaining, investment show regularly. “Booyah!”. Yesterday, I was surprised to see his wrist loaded with two watches. As he didn’t explain, I can only guess as to why he was sporting his Apple Watch along with an analog timepiece.

I have heard Jim — or Cramer, as he is known — say many nice things about his Apple Watch™. An early adopter, he’s raved about connectivity and accessibility provided by this technological wonder.

The smartwatch represents just another stopping point in our long march to miniaturize electronics. If you pause to think for a moment, isn’t it just a bit of a surprise to see that watches have become communication devices?

Apple® is expected to sell over 15 million watches in the first 9 months, with the adoption rate increasing as supplies catch up with demand.  Even the Android™ community is looking forward to Apple Watch™ being a market catalyst for the smartwatch industry.

smartwatchThe amount of engineering packed into these watches is incredible. You can be sure that the engineers who designed the health sensors, wireless charging systems, various communication technologies used simulation tools to deliver reliable and predictable performance.  In a timely article, Mitch Maiman of Intelligent Product Solutions provides some best practices for designing wearables. He emphasizes that engineers need to begin the design process with impact and thermal resiliency, ergonomics, and power efficiency in mind.

To give you a sneak peek into the smartwatch design process, ANSYS engineers have created the video below.

And, Jim, if you happen to read this blog, please tell us the real reason why you’re wearing two watches.