Meet Reaction Design, Now Part of the ANSYS Family

It’s official: Reaction Design has merged with ANSYS.

These are exciting times for both companies and for our industry. By joining forces, we are able to provide our customers with the most powerful and effective combustion simulation tools available in the world.

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Let me introduce myself and Reaction Design. I am the CEO of Reaction Design, and for over 15 years, our company has created solutions that automate the analysis of chemical processes through computer simulation and modeling. We serve more than 400 customers from around the globe, including industry-leading internal combustion engine, industrial and aviation turbine manufacturers, materials processors and energy producers.

Our CHEMKIN family of products is recognized as the gold standard for the simulation of gas phase and surface kinetic chemistry. Our software enables engineers to quickly explore the effects of design variables on performance, by-products production and efficiency using the industry’s most advanced solvers. CHEMKIN-PRO enables the most accurate simulation of chemical behaviors with simulation run times that are many times faster than other solutions. The speed and accuracy of these simulations allow designers to test alternative system configurations and inputs to optimize for performance, efficiency, and emissions compliance — virtually, before moving to the prototype stage of their development program.

Reaction Design’s ENERGICO simulation package brings the power of detailed kinetic modeling to combustion system design for such applications as gas-turbine combustors, burners for boilers and furnaces, and flares and incinerators. ENERGICO uses CFD simulations to help create accurate chemistry models of a system to help meet the challenges of emissions reduction and combustion stability for energy production and related industries.

Reaction Design also created the FORTÉ CFD Package that provides realistic 3D modeling of fuel effects in internal combustion engines. FORTÉ uses proven mathematical techniques and algorithms, coupled with well validated fuel kinetics libraries, to simulate engine combustion and predict the effects of operating conditions and fuel variations on engine behaviors. FORTÉ’s superior Time-to-Solution metrics make it a trusted part of the engine designer’s workflow and an invaluable aid in the creation of cleaner burning, higher-performance, and more-efficient engines.

Merging the technical strengths of Reaction Design and ANSYS into a single company creates opportunities for bold new developments in the areas of less polluting, higher efficiency, and more competitive products in the transportation, energy, and materials processing sectors.

Effective simulation of underlying detailed chemistry is critical to advancements in engine and fuel technology, and ANSYS customers will now have easy access to kinetics tools and fuel libraries from Reaction Design. Understanding and predicting the effects of fuel chemistry in a combustion system with fast, accurate, cost-effective modeling is critical to developing competitive products that translate reliably to real-world functionality.

We’re proud that Reaction Design solutions have helped leading companies create better products by automating the analysis of chemical processes using our computer simulation and modeling solutions. And now, as a part of ANSYS, we are expanding our vision to provide our capabilities to an even broader audience.

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About Bernie Rosenthal

Bernie Rosenthal is General Manager, Reaction Design. Prior to joining ANSYS, he served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Reaction Design. Prior to Reaction Design, he was Co-Founder and Senior Vice President in charge of worldwide business operations at Tensilica. Before Tensilica, Bernie held various executive and management positions at Synopsys, AMCC and TRW. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, as well as an M.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering and an M.B.A.

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  2. Congratulations to Bernie and the entire Reaction Design team. Welcome to the Ansys family.

    Brad Morley, Ansys Director

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