New ANSYS in ACTION Webinars Scheduled for April and May

ansys in actionWe are now in our 6th month of the nearly weekly ANSYS in ACTION webinar series, where we show you how ANSYS software can be used to solve common applications in just 20 minutes using live demonstrations of our software. Several new, upcoming sessions are now posted on the ANSYS in ACTION page. I am also pleased to point out that we recently extended our line-up to include products from across our portfolio.

For example, on April 27, ANSYS in ACTION will feature “Faster Turbocharger Designs with Simulation” where we will dive into using ANSYS TurboSystems to optimize turbocharger designs.

Current density distributionOn May 11, we will look at “Predicting Radio Frequency Interference with ANSYS EMIT” where an ANSYS expert will demonstrate the use of ANSYS EMIT for predicting RFI in complex environments.

And on May 18, we have scheduled “Machine Tool Optimization with ANSYS optiSLang” where we will set-up automated optimization analyses for a machine tool part, using sensitivity analysis and meta-modeling techniques, to find an optimal compromise between mass and deformation.

We also added another ANSYS AIM session to the line-up for May 4 where we will show you how ANSYS AIM can be used to simulate bus bars including the coupling of the three physics disciplines needed to adequately capture and predict optimal current density distributions.

These session are only the latest in the series. Visit the ANSYS in ACTION page to see all of our past session recordings now available on-demand.

For example, for ANSYS AIM, we presented sessions featuring designing unmanned aerial vehicles, hip stems, compressed gas cylinders, thermal management in LEDS, snap-fit connectors, bolted connections, pressure drop through valves and bike frames over the past 6 months.

More recently, you can find recordings for sessions showing you how to use HPC in the Cloud, create your own ANSYS Apps, simulate fluid flow from blood vessels scans, and use ANSYS Polyflow for screw extruder modeling.

We think that there is an ANSYS in ACTION session for everyone. Register for an upcoming session, download a past session and keep checking back for new sessions on the ANSYS in ACTION page today.

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