ANSYS Campus-Wide Solution Expected to Spur FIU Research Output

ANSYS team during the signing ceremony at FIURecently an ANSYS team was invited to attend a signing ceremony at Florida International University (FIU). The signing ceremony was to formalize ANSYS’ donation of a campus-wide license to FIU and to recognize the generous contribution.

The visiting team included Sin Min Yap, Vice President, Bob Helsby from the ANSYS Academic Program and Ryan Bobryk, Account Manager at ANSYS. They first toured the FlU campus visiting various research labs and departments. The team returned overawed with the fascinating research projects at FIU and shared their excitement with colleagues at ANSYS. Continue reading

More Thoughts on the Future Trends of CFD Simulation

A few days back, I wrote about the future trends of CFD. But this was from an engineer perspective. When my friends or family ask me what I do, I always relate CFD and simulation to everyday product. How CFD is used to design a fan, a milk warmer, etc.

In the future, people will be using CFD, actually running simulation live…without even knowing it. Here is one example of my vision of the future of CFD used by people in their everyday life… Continue reading

New Hot Jobs at ANSYS

jobs at ansysAre you looking for a new and exciting career? Come and join us at ANSYS. I have listed our most recent Hot Jobs at ANSYS here. All of our openings are found at Check them out and apply today.

New Open North America Positions

Testing Engineer I                                           Canonsburg, PA
Software Engineering Manager                       Canonsburg, PA Continue reading

ANSYS Webinars This Week

TANSYS Webinar Learning Eventshis week we have two ANSYS webinars presented LIVE. These webinars are a great place to have your questions answered by one of our experts. Every webinar is also recorded, so if you can’t squeeze it onto your calendar, please do register anyway and you’ll receive a link to the recording as soon as it’s available. Continue reading

This Week’s Top 5 Engineering Technology Articles

Hello all! My top engineering technology picks of the week include the world’s first figure eight Ferris wheel, a candle-powered electronics charger and a bike helmet that is making night driving safer. Have a great weekend!

Continue reading

Designing a Robust Electronics Product: The Smartphone

smartphone drop testAt last year’s ANSYS Electronics Simulation Expo conference in Japan, my colleague Sandeep Sovani was delivering a keynote when he took out his Samsung smartphone and purposely dropped it on the stage! He was confidently making a point about designing robust electronic products.

The fact that a minor impact didn’t damage his phone’s exterior or degrade the performance of electronics, as best as we can tell, provides testimony that today’s engineers are paying close attention to product reliability and robustness. Continue reading

Advanced Electric Machine Design with Electromagnetic and CFD Simulations

You may have read a quick blog post at Desktop Engineering about ANSYS’s electric machine simulation capabilities. Here we dive into the technical aspects and implications of thermal simulation for electric machines.

Electric machine geometry with cooling and integrated power electronics.

Electric machine geometry with cooling and integrated power electronics.

Modern electric machines are designed to meet a wide range of applications, all facing a variety of different technical challenges. They are designed to be compact with high power densities, to have integrated power electronics, to be high-speed for higher power density, and to handle harsh environments.

These challenges all have thermal implications that affect the lifetime and performance of the electric machine and power electronics, and must be balanced with cost goals. ANSYS simulation tools, Fluent and Maxwell, can be used to predict the thermal and electromagnetic performance of these systems, and can therefore be used to optimize design choices for both thermal and cost considerations while meeting all application objectives. Continue reading

NEW Hot Jobs at ANSYS

jobs at ansysWe’re always looking for awesome new talent. Are you interested in a new career? Check out our newest hot jobs at ANSYS and join us!

Remember, ANSYS only accepts on-line applications. Click on a job below or visit our website to apply at

New Open North America Positions

Technical Account Manager                                                 Concord, MA
Senior Applications Engineer                                                San Jose, CA
Senior Applications Engineer                                                San Jose, CA Continue reading