Tackling Next Generation CPS Design Challenges

System design and even system integration have taken on a whole new meaning with the latest trends in mobile and wearable computing. Integrating the compute power formerly associated with super-computers into a wrist band puts entirely new challenges on engineers, as they struggle with ensuring  signal and power integrity, as well as controlling the thermal profile. For these next-generation designs, full system analysis in the form of a Chip-Package-System (CPS) co-analysis is not an option anymore — it is an absolute necessity in order to achieve convergence. Continue reading

Speeding Innovation For IoT Electronics

In the U.S., CES 2015 kicks off today. You can bet we’ll be watching the trends with a proud eye knowing ANSYS was used in the design of some of the most forward-thinking IoT products.

Hardly a day goes by when I don’t come across an updated industry forecast related to the Internet of Things opportunity. The latest forecast from Radiant Insights predicts that there will be over 100 billion Internet connected devices by 2020. This figure is 4 times higher than previous estimates by Cisco Systems. Continue reading

5 Influential Must Read Articles for 2015

As the ANSYS Advantage team gathers contributions and best practices for an issue focused on healthcare simulation in 2015, it’s worth revisiting our 2014 feature on a new heart valve replacement produced with simulation that could change the way we look at open-heart surgery. Much of what we covered — and uncovered — last year will continue to be relevant in the coming 12 months. Check out what moved us and our readers in 2014, from drones to the Internet of Things (IoT) to those aforementioned developments in heart-valve replacement procedures. These articles span industries including aerospace and defense, healthcare, higher education, and high tech but are important to everyone.

So, take a look at 2014’s top five articles, many of which will influence industry and our daily lives in 2015 and beyond. Continue reading

Top 5 Engineering Technology Articles – A Year in Review

Hello all — and an early happy New Year! As you saw, Bill reviewed the top engineering technology articles from 2014, so I figured I would take a look at something that we both focused on during 2014.

Not so long ago in a galaxy very near to us…

The newest Star Wars movie began an unofficial countdown to launch date on December 18. I figured I’d look back at our top articles that related to Star Wars technologies. Enjoy — and have a wonderful 2015!

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NEW ANSYS How To Videos Channel on YouTube

Are you a new user of ANSYS software interested in expanding your scope of expertise? Or are you an experienced user who wants to understand the best techniques to tackle a complex new application? Do you wish you had access to experts anytime of the day to provide you with short tips to get you on your way?

Well, we have some new content on the web just for you! Continue reading

Top 5 Engineering Technology Articles in 2014

This week’s Top 5 engineering technology articles takes a look back over the year’s best in this category. After all, what’s a year end, without a year in review article?

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Astrobotic Launches a New Service to Send Your Story to the Moon!

As you may have heard recently in the news, Astrobotic (a proud ANSYS user) launched an exciting new service on December 11th, called MoonMail™, a program for the public to send mementos to the Moon on Astrobotic’s first commercial lunar mission. With the starting price at $460, this exciting new offering from Astrobotic is an opportunity to commemorate major life events — graduations, weddings, birthdays, or a loved one’s memory — with a lasting symbol on the Moon.

Astrobotic’s innovative commercial approach to robotic space missions is opening access to the Moon for space agencies, universities, and companies. This offering marks the beginning of a new kind of participant on the Moon — the individual. Continue reading

This Week’s Top 5 Engineering Technology Articles

Hello all! My top engineering technology picks of the week include Jaguar’s new (partially) transparent car for safer driving, why you should wait to buy a new smartphone until next year and how aluminum can improve product design across many industries. Have a great weekend (and a good holiday)!

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