Can CAE Vendor Consolidation Still Meet Engineering’s Needs ?

CAE vendor consolidationEngineering teams and IT managers have been at constant odds with each other over vendor consolidation. IT wants to reduce costs by consolidating applications, Engineering wants best-in-class tools for specific tasks at hand. Over the past fifteen years, Engineering has had their way, and the IT organization has been left with a web of suppliers and tools to manage. Continue reading

How to Apply a Harmonic Base Excitation Natively in ANSYS Mechanical Workbench 16.0

In a previous post, I have presented how to apply a harmonic base excitation in ANSYS Mechanical 15.0 using three different techniques. Among those techniques, we had the great ACT extension that has received a great attention due to its ease of use and practicality.

ANSYS 16.0 offers the capability of applying a harmonic base excitation natively, and without the need for the ACT. Acceleration applied as a base excitation uses the Enforced Motion Method. Continue reading

ANSYS Webinars This Week – Feb 16-20

ANSYS Webinars Learning EventsThis week we continue our ANSYS webinars series focused on the newest features and enhancement you’ll find in ANSYS 16.0 products.

ANSYS Icepak simulates thermal and fluid flow in ICs and PCBs, including all modes of heat transfer — conduction, convection and radiation — for steady-state and transient electronics cooling applications. ANSYS Maxwell is the premier low-frequency electromagnetic field simulation software for designing and analyzing 3-D and 2-D electromagnetic and electromechanical devices. Continue reading

This Week’s Top 5 Engineering Technology Articles

Hello all! My top engineering technology picks of the week include a fishing boat that provides energy in Norway, an invasion of robots in a California hospital and how your microwave could give you a “predator-like” view of your food. Have a great weekend!

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Efficient Simulation of Fabricated Structures

I recently had the chance to visit a customer building, among other products, special cranes and lifting equipment — typical fabricated structures mostly made of welded plates and tubes. As I walked through their facility, the size of the equipment struck me: very thick metal plates, massive tubes to support heavy loads — I’m not a tall guy but I felt even smaller walking by such huge structures! And, as we discussed the simulation of such models, I realized the FEA models were using what we call “thin” elements, in other words beams and shells — a bit of a paradox. Continue reading

DO-178C – Aeronautics Industry Moves To New International Software Safety Regulation

Embedded software in today’s aircraft is becoming continually larger and more complex. For example, the volume of embedded software in the A300 was a few thousand lines and it is in the order of 100 million in the A380. Moreover, a sizeable part of this software is safety critical. Hence, delivering certified code is one of the critical path design elements that is growing in significance. Continue reading

How to Create ANSYS Workbench Parameters and Named Selections with Catia

In previous posts, we showed you how to parameterize DesignModeler, Spaceclaim and Creo Parametric.  Very recently, we had for for creating Named Selections and Parameters in NX.  Today, we finally get to one for Catia. I don’t have Catia installed on my computer, so thanks to Richard Mitchell, UK Sales Support Manager for recording the video.

Simulation driven product development has been a key theme at ANSYS for well over a decade, we often just refer to it by its acronym.  It is the reason that ANSYS Workbench was designed to be a parametric and persistent platform. Tools like DX can help you drive those parameters, but first, you need to parameterize your model! Continue reading

ANSYS Webinars This Week

ansys webinars what you need to knowWith the recent release of ANSYS 16.0, we’re pleased to provide our users with a line-up of ANSYS webinars that will focus on new features and benefits. Each webinar includes a live Q&A where our experts will take your questions. Please register today for the webinars that best suit your needs.

As always, a full calendar of events can be found on our website.

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