Digital Twins Enable Industrial Internet of Things Opportunities

Digital twins, supported by sensors and communication infrastructure, are rapidly changing the business models at many companies and are expected to create trillions in global economic value. In 2014, at the 3rd Annual Minds & Machines Conference, General Electric Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt declared, “If you went to bed last night as an industrial company, you are going to wake up in the morning as a software and analytics company.” He announced that GE would make its Predix operating system for powering the industrial internet to any company in 2015. Yet, despite the excitement that year data from Accenture shows that only 10 percent of market leaders understand the underlying business models and long-term implications of IIoT and digital twins. Continue reading

ANSYS Advantage Magazine: Breakthrough Energy Innovation and Sustainable Design

ANSYS Advantage - Breakthrough Energy Innovation Sustainable Design

Energy systems innovation and sustainable design are key business initiatives in almost every industry sector. And, these initiatives are not only required to meet customer demand for “green products” or to satisfy environmental regulations. Many businesses have realized there is an opportunity to drive new growth with energy innovations. The new issue of ANSYS Advantage highlights the many ways our customers are delivering these energy innovations by leveraging the power of engineering simulation.

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Top 5 Engineering Technology Articles This Week

Welcome to the end of another week. With all the science and engineering technology news this week, I probably could have filled two or three of these lists. But here are some of the stories you might have missed over the past couple of days:

US Special Operations Command plans to have Iron Man-like suit prototypes ready to go by 2018
Turbines From Outer Space Lift Lockheed to New Energy
Flirtey drones deliver socks from the sky at Menlo Ventures’ annual partner meeting
Windy City Could Soon Have the World’s Tallest Timber Tower
Science Rewards Eureka Moments, Except When It Doesn’t

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Electromagnetic Braking Simulation by the CMU Hyperloop Team

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop concept, a futuristic train in a pneumatic tube that propels passengers across the country at near super-sonic speeds, could — if successful — revolutionize mass transportation. The Hyperloop, theoretically, can achieve fantastic speeds of up to 760 miles an hour because the train — or pod — magnetically levitates over an I-rail track inside the continuous metal tube, eliminating friction, while the vacuum in the tube itself minimizes air resistance and drag.

As a competitor in the Spacex Hyperloop pod competition, Carnegie Mellon University’s Hyperloop team is building a version of the Hyperloop pod using simulation with the theory that electromagnetic braking is the most effective way to slow the Hyperloop pod. Continue reading

Systems Simulation Advances With ANSYS’ Acquisition of Medini

We’ve discussed the need to simulate a full system quite a bit in this blog over the years. The need is clear: as products become smarter and more complex, component or sub-system simulation alone isn’t sufficient. As automobiles become computers on wheels, as your mobile phone has more compute power than the desktops of only a few years ago, there are new ways for products to fail. In other words, systems safety and reliability analysis is more critical than ever. Continue reading

Industrial Internet of Things Powers a Transformation of Business Opportunities

For over 30 years, ANSYS has been supplying GE with sophisticated first principle modeling tools that have enabled virtual prototyping of some of the worlds most complex products. The relationship continues to mature as the two explore the marriage of GE’s Predix Platform with ANSYS’ Simulation Platform to create the potential to enhance the monetization of asset health monitoring and the industrial internet of things. This marriage further enables closed loop feedback with engineering to accelerate NPI and drive costly warranty costs out.

The ANSYS Simulation Platform utilizes a variety of parameters sensed, collected and sorted by the Predix Platform, parameters such as temperature, pressure and vibration to create a simulation based physics model that represents a digital twin of an asset that can be used to accurately predict asset health. Continue reading

ANSYS Webinars in November – Register Now!

ansys webinarsComing up, during the month of November, another great line-up of ANSYS webinars covering a wide variety of topics you can attend from the comfort of your office.

You can also check out our face-to-face seminars coming to your local area if you prefer a more hands on approach to learning about ANSYS products. Check out our full Events Calendar today. Continue reading

Catch Our Top Five Engineering Stories This Week

I hope your week was as productive as mine. There’s so much going on right now, from wrapping up existing projects to planning for the new year. Between the projects, though, I found some interesting science and engineering stories. See what you think about these:

Computing glitch may have doomed Mars lander
Undiscovered moons may lurk around Uranus
Hyperloop Pod Hovers for the First Time
Tesla Powerpack 2 has twice the energy density, began shipping in September
First Autonomous Beer Shipment Completes 120-Mile Delivery Continue reading

Is the Aviation Industry Innovating Fast Enough to Deliver Sustainable Design?

This year has been one of significant milestones for the aviation industry. Two examples are Boeing’s hundredth year and the UK Royal Aeronautical Society’s 150th. Times like this provide a chance to reflect on some of the key technical innovations that have made major contributions to performance, safety, comfort, economy, energy innovation and sustainable design in the industry. Continue reading

New ANSYS Jobs Listing This Week

ansys jobsThis is the list of the latest ANSYS jobs we have open. There are many additional openings on our careers page. We update the site frequently as positions open. Check it out daily for any new additions! Remember, we can only accept applications via our on-line careers site. Take a minute and apply today. Continue reading