Improving Performance and Durability of Heat Exchangers

image of heat exchangers with vapor volume fraction

Vapor Volume Fraction in EGR Cooler Due to Boiling

Heat exchangers are among the most common process equipment. They come in different sizes (e.g. cold plate within your mobile phone vs a waste heat recovery system in a plant), shapes (shell and tube, tube in tube, plate and frame, for example) and types (recuperative and regenerative).

Although many heat exchangers have been thoroughly studied, analyzed and even optimized, the need to improve heat exchanger performance, reduce their capital and running costs, and increase their durability will never end. Continue reading

This Week’s Top 5 Engineering Technology Articles

This week’s Top 5 engineering technology articles deal with the sun and hoverbikes. And if that’s not enough to convince you, I’ll throw in some Terminator references for good measure.

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2014 Medical Device Innovation

Patient model Computational Fluid DynamicsA few weeks ago, I participated to the biomedical track of the ANSYS CADFEM Users Meeting (ACUM) in Nuremberg, Germany — an amazing meeting where many medical device companies, academic leaders, clinicians and surgeons shared their experiences and stressed the need to accelerate the adoption of engineering simulation for medical and clinical applications. Continue reading

ANSYS Webinars in September

ANSYS WebinarsAs our children start heading back to school all around the World, why not schedule some additional learning for yourself? Here’s our list of ANSYS webinars for the month of September. As always, these webinars are free to attend, but you will need to register to attend. Just pick one or more topics you’d like to learn about and register today.

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This Week’s Top 5 Engineering Technology Articles

Hello all! My top engineering technology picks of the week includes transparent solar panels, a crowdfunded mission to discover life on mars and an interview with the inventor of the original Apple mouse. Have a great weekend!

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Coupling Piezoelectric and Fluid Simulations

ink jet nozzle

Ink jet nozzle

Piezoelectric devices surround us in our everyday life. Our cars and trucks contain many piezoelectric devices, including fuel level sensors, air bag deployment sensors, parking sensors and piezoelectric generators in the wheels to power the tire pressure monitoring system. Your smartphones or tablet contains piezoelectric sensors that detect the motion and orientation of the device, which my kids were using to good effect to play “Need For Speed” yesterday. Many of us have ink jet printers at home, which can use piezoelectric printer heads to eject thousands of drops per second. Continue reading

This Week’s Top 5 Engineering Technology Articles

This week’s Top 5 engineering technology articles feature babies, cats, and outer space for an eclectic mix of technologic breakthroughs for your end of the week perusal.

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System-level Approach to Robust ESD Design

The battle is on for manufacturers of automotive, medical, industrial and consumer electronics to drive new innovations, deliver exciting products, and ensure safety and reliability of the devices that proliferate our world. Mobile devices that are intended to interact with our world face unique reliability challenges such as electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, making a robust ESD design a necessity. While we want our mobile phone, tablet and smartwatch to be “connected” and “interactive”, the number of interface ports on these devices make them vulnerable to an ESD event. Interfaces such as network connectors, USB ports, and antennas need careful planning of the location and size of ESD protection structures. Continue reading