Creating Reliable SoC Designs Using N7 and InFO-WLP Technologies

According to Gartner, designing, testing and manufacturing 7nm FinFET-based system on a chip (SoC) requires massive resources: as much as $270 million and 500 man-years to bring the chip to market. Encapsulating such chips within a 2.5/3D package such as InFO-WLP improves power, performance and form factor while increasing the cost of design. To make a profit on that level of investment, the market for these chips tend to be high-end mobile and enterprise applications. To satisfy customer needs in these demanding markets, design teams have to deliver highly integrated devices that operate seamlessly and reliably for long periods of time. Additionally, you have to reduce the engineering time and cost, and ensure “first-time” working silicon. To do this you will need to move away from the traditional silo-based design flow to a chip-package-board co-simulation workflow and methodology. Continue reading

The Changing Landscape of IoT Product Design

The Gartner Hype Cycle charts are a peek into the future. They graphically project where various technology trends are along a maturity timeline. The most recent Hype Cycle identifies several megatrends, including digital business technologies and new design and innovation approaches, such as IoT product design.

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ANSYS Webinars This Week

ansys webinarsHappy Monday everyone! Sorry I’m getting a late start on blogging today. We’ve got some great ANSYS webinars lined up this week. Make sure you register today!

For more information about ANSYS webinars and trade shows we’re at, please visit our ANSYS Events page. Continue reading

ANSYS Jobs – New Openings – Take a Look!

ansys jobs hiringDo you want to work for the global leader in engineering simulation? Take a look at our latest open ANSYS jobs. At ANSYS, you will be working with nearly 3,000 other professionals in more than 75 locations around the world. You too can make a difference in product development. If there isn’t something in this listing, take a look at our careers page. All of our current openings are listed there. Remember, we only take applications via our on-line site. Continue reading

Indian Startups Don’t Have to Go It Alone Anymore

indian startupsSitting in my office in the innovation capital of India, Bangalore, I read an article that the city alone is home to 65% of Indian startups. India is home to the largest number of startups next to the U.S., UK and China. While India boasts of several billion-dollar ‘unicorns’ in the app and software arena, there are also hardware startups that are making their presence count. For example, Lechal is making haptic footwear for the visually blind, Grey Orange Robotics indigenously developing robotics solutions for e-commerce warehouses and Ezetap converting smartphones into mobile point of sale solutions are just a few hardware companies that are pushing the envelope.

It is estimated that India’s 4200 startups, which includes over 30 hardware startups and over 35 startups in the IoT space, created 80K new jobs by the end of 2015. Over the next four years, the number of Indian startups is expected to rise to 11,500, employing 250k people. Continue reading

ANSYS in ACTION Demo Series Announced

I would like to tell you about a new weekly webinar series we’re launching called ANSYS in ACTION. Before I do, let me ask you a few questions.

Do you like to see software in action before trying it yourself? Are you curious about how ANSYS software can be used to solve your common applications? Are you willing to take a 20 minute hot beverage break once a week to learn something new?

If you answered yes to these questions, the ANSYS in ACTION webinar series is for you. Beginning October 13th, at 1 pm EDT, application engineers from ANSYS will spend 20 minutes each Thursday showing you how ANSYS software can solve common problems. We are selecting applications that a large number of engineers face and showing them our best and easiest to use simulation solution, the solution that will produce the results they need to make good decisions fastest, for each one. Continue reading

New Capabilities for Testing Embedded Software Announced

A number of new and exciting workflow enhancements were included in ANSYS SCADE 17.2 for those who are validating and testing embedded software. In this blog, I’ll cover the top 3 enhancements.

Virtual System Testing Using Simplorer Entry

In ANSYS 17.2, all SCADE Suite users can immediately simulate and analyze virtual system prototypes thanks to the bundling of Simplorer Entry.

One of the main objectives of embedded software users is to perform closed-loop testing to tune the software application — as early as possible. As a best practice, embedding the application within a virtual environment is a great way to reduce testing costs. It can be performed first with simplified model of the environment using Modelica language then moved to high-fidelity models. Continue reading

We’re Hiring! Here’s the New Jobs at ANSYS Listing

jobs at ansysIf you are looking for an exciting new position at a cutting edge technology company, check out the latest career opportunities at ANSYS. Apply to work with some of the world’s most talented engineers. If you don’t see anything in this listing, always make sure to check out our careers page. There we list all of our current openings and that list is updated daily as jobs become available. Remember we are only able to accept applications via our online site. Continue reading

CFD Simulation Enhances Machine Efficiency

On top of intensifying global competition, shifting consumer preferences and ever-shrinking time-to-market schedules, the growing need to address climate change is increasing  the pressure on businesses to  improve their machine efficiency and effectiveness with greater urgency than ever before. To meet these challenges, companies are finding that they need to revamp their product lines or even develop totally new products. Pump and fan manufacturers especially are seeing a need to for rapid innovation and design breakthroughs to increase machine efficiency. Continue reading

ANSYS Webinars This Week

ansys webinarsHappy Monday everyone! Here’s our list of ANSYS webinars this week. Please register today! Each session features LIVE Q&A, so bring your questions for our experts to answer.

For future topics, please visit our ANSYS Events calendar.

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