Maximizing Engineering Throughput with Pay-Per-Use Simulation in the Cloud

My colleagues Steve Del, Giovanni Petrone and I often discuss the benefits of moving engineering simulation to the cloud, marshalling greater computing resources and faster processing on high-performance computing (HPC) solutions. While most companies would find this compelling, budget-conscious companies are concerned about the costs. The missing piece is a pay-per-use simulation business model, where  you use what you need, when you need it, and only pay for what you use.

Well, now that piece is in place. Last week’s release of ANSYS Enterprise Cloud adds support for ANSYS Elastic Licensing™, enabling you to fully leverage the pay-per-use business model on the public cloud for both hardware and software.

How does pay-per-use simulation benefit you?

Elastic Licensing provides pay-per-use access to virtually every ANSYS product, ensuring you will never run out of licenses when you need them. It supports the combination of traditional licensing (leased & paid-up) with pay-per-use licensing to obtain the optimal value for the company investment in simulation; you can, for instance, use traditional licensing for steady workloads and use elastic capacity for peak demands or for products used infrequently. Elastic Licensing works by providing a pool of “ANSYS elastic units”, which you consume at a specified hourly rate that varies by the type of activity (pre and post-processing, solving, etc.). Usage reports provide a breakdown of the products used to enable department showback/chargeback as well as to guide future license purchasing decisions.

Enterprise Cloud provides a turnkey virtual simulation data center that runs in your secure, dedicated account on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud. Once deployed (it can be up and running in a matter of hours), Enterprise Cloud enables you to complete your end-to-end engineering simulation workloads using almost the full ANSYS software portfolio, while taking advantage of the elastic nature of cloud hardware to match your hardware infrastructure to your simulation needs in the moment. The public cloud allows you to optimize your overall spend by taking advantage of flexible pricing models, depending on the nature of your usage patterns.

pay-per-use simulation model ANSYS cloud

In addition to elasticity, one of the central benefits of performing cloud-based simulation is that the simulation environment can be accessed from multiple sites and can be deployed in one of many public cloud data centers worldwide. Again, there is perfect synergy between Enterprise Cloud and Elastic Licensing: both products allow worldwide access, and both the ANSYS Cloud Gateway and ANSYS elastic units include WAN access.

With a pool of ANSYS elastic units and the ease of access to hardware resources on the cloud, companies can reduce the risk of dealing with the unexpected.

ansys webinarsTo learn more, please download webinar recording that discusses pay-per-use simulation on the cloud.

Stay tuned, because later in the year we will release ANSYS Elastic Licensing for on-site/on-premise deployment, making it possible to power both the in-house compute resources and the cloud resources with the same pool of elastic units.