A Great Read with Advice Every Startup Needs to Know

entrepreneur startupEvery so often I come across a great read I think is so worthwhile that I want to share it with the world. This is the feeling I got when I read Henrik Zillmer’s recent startup blog post, What Every Future Entrepreneur Needs To Know, Part 1. The only change I would make is removing the word “future” from his title because quite frankly I think ALL entrepreneurs (past, present, and future) could benefit from his words.

Of course, there are lots of articles and blog posts that make running a startup sound like the coolest and trendiest thing to do these days, but Henrik doesn’t glamorize the investment one must make to be successful when choosing this path and he gives real, useful advice.

Another item I would selfishly add into this is around Reid Hoffman’s quote:

Totally get it and agree. I’m sure there is not a successful company out there that doesn’t look at their original product and think in amazement how far they’ve come. That’s what great entrepreneurs do — they seek to solve the world’s problems, they develop better ways of doing things, and they are constantly focused on what’s next (even with their own product).

But I would argue that you could be less embarrassed of your first product if you take advantage of using simulation software to design and test it quickly and cost effectively in our risk-free virtual environment before going to market. And we just happen to have a program designed to allow entrepreneurs to gain access to simulation with our Startup Program.

Now enough shameless, self-promotion. If you’re a startup or entrepreneur or simply respect the work that they do designing the products we will benefit from tomorrow read Henrik’s blog. I’m looking forward to Part 2! I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section.

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