Engineering a Hyperloop Pod with ANSYS

Since starting out as a segmented group of individuals passionate about high-speed technology, Berkeley Hyperloop (bLoop) has come a long way in our (roughly) two years of existence. What started as a vague mission to create a broader impact on the future of transport is now a tangible team of engineers, designers, marketers, logisticians and everything in between and we have no plans of stopping now. Of course, we didn’t do it alone. We’d be remiss if we did not acknowledge the generous support of sponsors like ANSYS, sponsors that have helped us realize the dream of designing and bringing a functional Hyperloop pod to that only existed in our wildest dreams up until a few months ago.

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ANSYS Advantage Magazine: Breakthrough Energy Innovation and Sustainable Design

ANSYS Advantage - Breakthrough Energy Innovation Sustainable Design

Energy systems innovation and sustainable design are key business initiatives in almost every industry sector. And, these initiatives are not only required to meet customer demand for “green products” or to satisfy environmental regulations. Many businesses have realized there is an opportunity to drive new growth with energy innovations. The new issue of ANSYS Advantage highlights the many ways our customers are delivering these energy innovations by leveraging the power of engineering simulation.

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What do Facebook, Boeing and Raytheon Have in Common?

Apart from the fact that Boeing and Raytheon, like most companies in the world today, use social media and have a Facebook page, what at a core product level do these three companies have in common? Not a lot you might think. Well think again.

Facebook recently announced that it is building an aircraft (video) that has a similar wingspan to a Boeing 737. What is more, when flying at 60,000 ft. this aircraft will be able to transmit information over 10 miles using lasers to hit a point no bigger than a dime at a data transfer rate in the 10s of Gigabits per second. Right in the domain of expertise of companies like Raytheon. Talk about the convergence of the Internet of Things and the aerospace and defense industry! Continue reading

Webinar Series: Recent Advances in Automotive Simulation

As the month of April winds down, you might like to get a jump on planning your calendar for May. In our Automotive Series, we have two great topics in the line-up. On May 8th & 10th, Dr. Evangelos Koutsavdis will be discussing why aerodynamic noise generation is becoming a very important aspect of product quality. You’ll be able to join in on the discussion where a panel of experts will be available to answer your questions.

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Recent Advances in Aerodynamic Wind Noise Simulation

May 8, 2012, 9:00 AM EDT, 1:00 PM GMT   
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What is the Most Critical Engineering Design Challenge for Next-Generation Unmanned Systems?

Next generation unmanned systems need to be flexible to serve multiple missions. They will have increased platform and payload capabilities, greater autonomous capability and will push the extremes of the very small tactical platform to the very large, ultra endurance strategic platform. In this process, what will be the biggest engineering design challenge? Will it be the aerodynamics of bio-inspired systems? Ensuring the structural integrity of ultra light weight systems? Survivability in hostile airspace? Software algorithms to manage autonomous decision making? Continue reading