7 Examples of Engineering Simulation Excellence Added to the ANSYS Hall of Fame

It always astounds me what our ANSYS customers accomplish with our software. Applying Pervasive Engineering Simulation, engineers, designers and students from organizations around the world and across a vast array of industries submitted a large number of innovative entries to be considered for the ANSYS Hall of Fame. It was very difficult for our judges to pick the winners among such great examples of engineering excellence.

Here are the winners of the 2018 ANSYS Hall of Fame Competition.

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Insider Tip: How You Can Get Into the 2018 ANSYS Hall of Fame

2018 ANSYS Hall of Fame CompetitionIt is hard to believe that the 2018 ANSYS Hall of Fame competition is upon us!

Every year, entries from around the world display the simulation skills of ANSYS customers. Simulation images and videos are submitted by every type of company — from large, multinational corporations to small startups that are run from the owner’s homes. Fascinating academic entries are provided by professors who use simulation for teaching and research, and by students who might be extremely skilled or very new to ANSYS software.All these entries represent the incredible challenges that are encountered and overcome leveraging the full range of ANSYS simulation software.

The submissions from every industry continue to astound me. If you have never entered the competition before, give it a shot! You may win the 9th Annual 2018 ANSYS Hall of Fame Competition. But, before you hit enter, here are some tips on how to separate yourself from others entering the competition. Because I have helped organize the competition for the past several years, I see all the entries and understand what the judges are looking for. Read about some of my favorite entries from past years and why I think they won.

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Inductees to the 2017 ANSYS Hall of Fame Announced

ansys hall of fameWe wait with anticipation. It happens every year around this time. Year after year we are surprised and delighted by the results of the ANSYS Hall of Fame Competition. We received a wide range of images and animations from ANSYS users around the world and that is one thing that makes the season so special.

This year, more than ever, our customers have provided us with great examples of breakthrough energy innovation that include fuel injection, a marine turbine with reduced cavitation, tidal stream turbines and efficient generators. The entrants took advantage of not only world-leading physics simulation capabilities but performed multiphysics simulations that will help them realize their product promise. And, many have pushed our software to the limits using the full depth of product capabilities.

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Should You Enter the 2016 ANSYS Hall of Fame Competition?

hall of fame-flex box-2016In the few years that I’ve been involved in the ANSYS Hall of Fame, I have been intrigued to see a wide variety of unique entries from our customers. Winners in the ANSYS Hall of Fame span many industries and applications. Even those that haven’t made the winner podium are fascinating and have included boat design, bridge construction, bubbles in a glass of champagne and wind turbine placement. Innovative use of ANSYS simulation enables engineers to break new boundaries across every industry.

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2015 ANSYS Hall of Fame Winners

The world of multiphysics simulation is growing ever more ambitious each year. That is obvious from this year’s ANSYS Hall of Fame Competition, for which the company recently selected five top entries that typify the best of the best.

From a company developing new spinal instruments to reduce the risks of scoliotic surgery, to a university’s examination of how a leatherback turtle would weather climate change, this year’s top five represented contributions from multiple industries and amazing applications. Continue reading

Enter the ANSYS Hall of Fame

We are excited to announce the launch of our annual ANSYS Hall of Fame Competition to determine the most eye-popping simulation images and videos from our customers, showcasing how they use ANSYS to realize their product promise.

ANSYS Hall of Fame Past WinnerFor over 5 years, the ANSYS Hall of Fame has featured real-world multiphysics applications from ANSYS customers around the globe. Last year’s winners included Clean Current Power Systems, ThyssenKrupp Airport Systems, SpaceX, Intel and more.

Winners of this competition will gain entry into the prestigious ANSYS Hall of Fame. Ten winners will be selected by a panel of judges to be highlighted in the Hall of Fame, with the top three winning an iPad.

ANSYS Hall of Fame imageThe images or videos entered should demonstrate:

  • Benefits gained from employing ANSYS software.
  • Improvement over past processes and products by using ANSYS.
  • Value to your company of Simulation-Driven Product Development.

The competition is open until November 16, so don’t be selfish and keep all of your great work to yourself. Enter now and see if you really are Hall of Fame worthy.

If you’d like to see more entries from past years, you can visit our Facebook photo album.