Digital Prototyping for More Powerful Pumps

Routine maintenance of sewer pipes is necessary to prevent clogging, cracking and failure in the long run, saving sewage companies considerable time and money. FMC Technologies, which makes reciprocating pumps used to force water at high pressure through sewage pipes to clean them, turned to engineering simulation to design their latest product when customers began demanding smaller, lighter pumps with a higher output pressure. These pumps would be easier for the operator to move and place for optimal operations in the field. Also, reducing size and weight would make the pumps less expensive to purchase, easier to maintain and more energy efficient.

sewer pipe

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ANSYS nCode DesignLife Load Mapping

In a previous blog, I discussed how the “5-box trick” can be used to visually represent the steps in an ANSYS nCode DesignLife fatigue simulation. In this blog I will discuss the “Load Mapping” box in more detail.

image of 5-box trick load mapping

5-Box Trick

FE analyses provide stress/strain results at distinct times or frequencies, but fatigue damage is caused by fluctuating stresses/strains. To assess fatigue damage, various load mapping techniques are used to convert the FE results into stress/strain histories and calculate the stress/strain ranges produced by those histories. Continue reading

The Five-Box Trick in an ANSYS nCode DesignLife Fatigue Simulation

In my last blog, I discussed the difference between HBM nCode DesignLife and ANSYS nCode DesignLife. I explained how ANSYS nCode DesignLife is fully featured, but integrated into the Workbench environment to provide state-of-the-art CAE fatigue analysis capabilities along with the ease of use features of Workbench. In this blog I will discuss the basic workflow of an ANSYS nCode DesignLife simulation.


Early in your exposure to ANSYS nCode DesignLife, you will probably hear the term “the 5-box trick” and wonder, what does it mean? Essentially, the term 5-box trick is used to succinctly describe the basic steps of an ANSYS nCode DesignLife workflow. The multiple actions required in most ANSYS nCode DesignLife simulations can be summarized into five general categories (i.e., 5-boxes). Continue reading

ANSYS Webinars This Week – Aug 6

image of Learning text on a keyboardThis week we have four ANSYS webinars lined up on three different topics. Two of these are a continuation of our Ask the Expert Series. All webinars are one hour, and, while they are free to attend, registration is required. Please register today to advance your ANSYS knowledge. You can find our full schedule of ANSYS webinars and event on our ANSYS Event Calendar.

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