I Can’t Hear You! Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) in Sports Arenas

During a recent NFL game, the visiting team complained about picking up the home team’s radio broadcast on their coach-to-coach headsets preventing the coaches from communicating with one another. The home team indicated that there were also issues communicating with the quarterback using their radio system.

RF interference stadiumsRadio frequency interference problems in major sports stadiums are unfortunately very common given the large number of radios present in a relatively small area. A typical sports stadium includes systems transmitting and receiving signals for game day operations, referee and commercial coordination, coach and player communication, a variety of cell phone networks, Wi-Fi services, and a number of other wireless services. Continue reading

ANSYS Webinars This Week – Oct. 21

ANSYS Webinar Learning EventsThis week, our ANSYS Convergence Webinar Series wraps up with a focus on Electromagnetics. The explosive growth of wireless communications has generated tremendous interest in low-cost implementations of radio-frequency integrated circuits (RFICs). Learn how design methodology to study and optimize on-chip inductor geometries from Niklas Troedsson of Micrel.

Robin Granger, Roke Manor Research Ltd, will discuss how RF losses resulting in poor antenna efficiency and how the impedance boundary feature of ANSYS HFSS has been used successfully to model this effect, permitting rapid evaluation of alternative designs.

If you missed one of the other great sessions from this series, please visit our Resource Library where you will find recordings of past sessions.

Now on to the rest of this week’s lineup!

October 22, 2013 ANSYS Convergence Webinar Series: Electromagnetics Track
October 22, 2013 Model-based Systems Engineering and Avionics Control Systems
October 23, 2013 Ask the Expert – Induction Heating
October 24, 2013 Introduction to Teaching Materials for ANSYS Academic CFD Using ANSYS Workbench
October 24, 2013 Model-based Systems Engineering and Avionics Control Systems

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