Apache Design Acquisition Done Right

PrintTwo years ago, ANSYS, Inc. acquired Apache Design to broaden its presence in the IC-aware system simulation market, particularly for the high-growth mobile and consumer electronics segments. We had a vision of combining chip-level analysis and modeling solutions from Apache with package and systems electromagnetics, thermal/fluids and mechanical simulation platforms from ANSYS, to enable the next generation of low-power, energy-efficient products. We had also underscored our commitment toward customers’ success by providing continuous support and technology innovation. On our two-year anniversary, we reflect on the progress that we have made toward this vision.

Since the acquisition by ANSYS, Apache has achieved: Continue reading

Power, Noise and Reliability Webinar Series for IC Design

Who doesn’t have power issues designing chips? Power management and power closure are primary concerns for system-on-chip (SoC) designs. So what is the best way to address these power challenges? By using simulation technologies from early in the IC design phase to accurately predict the chip’s power consumption and analyze its power delivery network integrity within the context of the full system.

To learn more, register to attend ANSYS subsidiary Apache’s technical webinar series for IC design, with presentations from leading semiconductor companies Nvidia, Freescale and GlobalFoundries. Featured at the most recent Design Automation Conference (DAC), these customers will share design challenges, power methodologies – and their results using Apache tools. Continue reading

ANSYS 14.5 Engineering Simulation Software Released

Earlier this morning, we announced that the latest version of our engineering simulation software, ANSYS 14.5, is available for download on the ANSYS Customer Portal.

As products become increasingly complex, it is now more challenging than ever for engineers to fully understand the performance implications of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of design variations.

That’s why ANSYS 14.5 is such an advancement in engineering simulation – it is designed to support an integrated and streamlined approach to design exploration and the creation of a complete virtual prototype. New technology enhancements are seamlessly brought together with our open ANSYS Workbench™ platform to deliver unmatched engineering productivity and innovation through comprehensive multiphysics analyses and HPC capabilities.

Image of 3-D composites close up

Composites pressure vessel with titanium caps

The ANSYS Workbench platform streamlines workflow among simulation applications. An innovative project schematic view ties together the entire simulation process, guiding the user through even the most complex multiphysics analyses with drag-and-drop simplicity. Continue reading