Fast, Accurate and Reliable Turbomachinery Simulation with Harmonic Analysis – Meet me at the Turbo Expo to learn more!

Transient blade row simulations in turbomachinery are needed either to improve the aerodynamic performance predictions or because the flow interaction we are trying to resolve and predict is unsteady in nature such as aeromechanical, aerothermodynamic or aeroacoustic interactions. Because the blade pitch is not similar between the rows of turbine or compressor, a transient blade row simulation will usually require the modeling of the full wheel (or full geometry). This constraint renders these simulations not practical and in many cases prohibitive as analysis or design tools. Continue reading

The Evolution of Simulation and Rotating Machinery

It seems not all that long ago that I first attended the ASME International Gas Turbine Institute (IGTI) conference in Toronto. It was just a short drive from my office in Waterloo, Ontario. This year I took a much longer trip to Seoul South Korea to attend the ASME Turbo Expo. As I am already engaged in preparations for the 2017 edition that will be held in Charlotte, NC, I am reminded that much has changed in how rotating machinery is designed and operated. No doubt more evolution will be evident in the 2017 conference. One difference is that the conference will be held in conjunction with the ASME Power and Energy conference. I think that this makes a lot of sense, given the continued important role of turbomachinery in power and energy production and transmission. Continue reading

ASME Turbo Expo in its 60th year

2015 is a special anniversary year for ASME Turbo Expo: its 60th. This year the annual conference will be held June 15-19 in Montréal Canada, at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal. As in previous years,ASME Turbo Expo ASME Turbo Expo is the premier event on the international turbomachinery calendar. Besides gas turbine related sessions there are a host of others covering steam and wind turbines, compressors, turbochargers, fans and blowers, to name a few. Continue reading

ASME Turbo Expo Right Around the Corner

Heading to ASME Turbo Expo 2012

Well, it’s that time of year again. The ASME Turbo Expo (sponsored by the International Gas Turbine Institute, or IGTI) is right around the corner. For 20 of the past 23 years, this has meant a travel week for me, and this year it is to Copenhagen, Denmark, June 11 to 15. As turbomachinery is an important part of our business, ANSYS is a Silver Sponsor and strong participant in the event. And justifiably so. The ASME Turbo Expo is the premiere event for turbomachinery, bringing together the best and brightest from leading turbomachinery companies around the world. The draw is that the papers are generally of a high caliber, resulting from a peer review process that is generally only used for journal-quality publications. All the industry leaders are there, and the exposition is high quality and industry specific. Continue reading