A Better Automotive Paradigm

A hundred years ago, Henry Ford promised customers that their car could be painted any color so long as it was black. Today, color is the least of the auto industry’s challenges. The car of the 21st century must be fuel-efficient and robust, technologically savvy and affordable, and manufactured quickly on the line without defects. It must meet increasingly stricter government regulations. And the vehicle must incorporate fast-evolving electronic, communication and software technology that hardly existed a few years ago. Continue reading

2015 Automotive Simulation World Congress – Call for Presentations

ASWC 2014 presentation auto safetyWhat do Tesla Motors, BMW, Honda, Toyota, Ferrari, Denso, Panasonic, SL Corporation, Cummins, Tenneco, and Honeywell, have in common? Well, not only are they leaders in the automotive renaissance, but they all delivered presentations on leading-edge simulation at the 2014 Automotive Simulation World Congress. Continue reading

Webinar Series: Recent Advances in Automotive Simulation

automotive-leadersYou may recall that back in October the Automotive Simulation World Congress took place in Detroit. Automakers and suppliers gathered there to discuss how the global supply chain increasingly relies on single-physics and multiphysics simulation solutions, for both component and systems-level analysis. Application discussions ranged from aerodynamics, underhood thermal management, IC engine, transmission, brakes, and chassis components to the entire electric powertrain including battery, traction motor and power electronics.

The discussion continues in our ongoing webinar series named “Recent Advances in Automotive Simulation,” during which speakers share the latest advances in automotive-specific solutions that allow companies to thoroughly explore design alternatives under
varied, real-life load conditions early in the design cycle.

Please join us by registering for one or all of the webinars. Continue reading

Automotive Simulation World Congress: Ladies and Gentleman Start Your Engines!

2012 Automotive World Congress

On October 30 – 31,  ANSYS will be hosting the Automotive Simulation World Congress 2012 ASWC Venue(ASWC) in Detroit, Michigan. This international event is being held at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center and is solely focused on the automotive industry, including vehicles for road, rail, racetrack and off-highway and provides a forum for sharing and debating new practices, issues and industry trends. You’ll learning about the latest developments in engineering simulation applicable to the automotive industry, and networking with peers. Continue reading