ANSYS SpaceClaim Speeds the Evolution of Apprenticeships

Years ago, vocational training centered on teaching students to manually operate machines for shops or factory applications. Today, apprentices at training centers like the Remscheid Vocational Training Center in Germany learn complete processes for successful production — from CAD via CAM to machining (CNC) to finished component. To prepare apprentices for successful careers in the mechanical and electrical industries, the vocational center requires them to learn a number of software programs. For the past five years, ANSYS SpaceClaim has been their CAD software of choice. Continue reading

Workbench CAD Readers for ANSYS ICEM CFD Meshing

ANSYS ICEM CFD has been using the Workbench CAD readers for a few years now, and for those of you using ICEM CFD in Workbench, it is drag and drop simple. But many of our stand alone ANSYS ICEM CFD users are not really aware of this functionality, so here is a blog about it.


In previous versions, we had the Workbench readers under “File => Workbench Readers”. The Workbench readers really supersede the old ANSYS ICEM CFD readers. They are up-to-date, easy to use, and offer connections such as JT Open and SpaceClaim that ICEM CFD never supported on its own. Talking to users, we found that many thought the Workbench readers option would only work inside Workbench or if they installed Workbench. To make the option more obvious, we moved the Workbench readers to the top of the list and renamed it “Import Model.”

Why “Import Model” instead of “Import Geometry”? Because the Workbench readers also support mesh formats! You can even select a *.wbpj and get both the geometry and mesh. During the import process, you can filter to make it easier to find the files that you are looking for. For instance, you can switch it to SpaceClaim to filter for SpaceClaim documents. Select your particular file (some formats will show you a preview of it), and click Open. Continue reading

ANSYS Events and Webinars This Week – June 25 – 29

image of Learning text on a keyboardOur Ask the Expert series continues this week on the ANSYS Events Calendar along with several other events around the world. Just select the ones that fit your interest.

You must register in advance for webinars, but they are FREE to attend. In addition, recordings will be available after-the-fact for most webinars in our Resource Library.


June 26 – June 27 AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference New Orleans, Louisiana, United States Trade Show
June 26 Automotive Powertrain Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) Online Webinar
June 27 –
June 28
Forum Ter@tec – Simuler pour concevoir Palaiseau, France Trade Show
June 27 –
June 29
2nd International Thermal Management Conference for EV/HEV Darmstadt, Germany Trade Show
June 27 Ask the Expert – Battery Cell Electrochemical and Thermal Modeling Online Webinar
June 27 Ask the Expert – Best Practices for Meshing Complex CAD Geometries in ANSYS Icepak Online Webinar
June 28 Automotive Powertrain Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) Online Webinar