Upshift Into the Next Gear With ANSYS AIM

In my almost 20 years of work at CADFEM, an Elite channel partner of ANSYS in central Europe, I have seen a continuous transition in the usage of simulation from experts to development engineers. One big step in this direction was the introduction of ANSYS Workbench. A second — often undervalued — approach, how simulation helps our customers in a better product development is the usage of automated simulation processes by implementing products such as ANSYS AIM. Continue reading

Offering a New Paradigm Shift in CAE?

What works for manufacturing companies also applies to engineering simulation software providers. In a competitive climate, we all must aim continually for innovation, listen to the voice of our customers, anticipate swiftly changing needs, identify buyer expectations and make appropriate changes. I strongly believe that the parametric licensing and capabilities newly introduced with ANSYS 14.5 are truly innovative, standing out from the rest. They could become a paradigm shift in CAE, as they will make extensive design exploration and robust design a reality.

Given the market forces for increased product performance and integrity, engineering simulation undoubtedly can help manufacturers to evaluate more design ideas and reach the “best” design, one  that works across a range of operating conditions. For that matter, many engineering simulation software providers today do offer design exploration and optimization tools. But despite the need, the adoption of these tools is relatively small. Our product manager for ANSYS DesignXplorer, Simon Pereira, regularly investigates the obstacles to further adoption, and, in each of his reports, the biggest hurdles appear to be unacceptable turnaround times, shortcomings in usability and lack of available licenses. Continue reading