Formula Motorsports: Accelerating Race Cars through Simulation

UWashington Formula Motorsports is a student-organized team that competes in Formula SAE. We design, build and test two small, formula-style race cars for the competition: one combustion and one electric. Each year we compete nationally and internationally at Formula Student Lincoln and Formula Student Germany. Everything our club produces is done entirely in-house. We produce our own designs, perform our own machining, and manufacture our own carbon fiber parts. Through the entire design process, UWashington Formula Motorsports strives to validate design decisions with sound engineering methods, and the simulations we run using ANSYS make this possible. Continue reading

How To Make MATLAB Apps For Fluent

EDITORS NOTE: This blog has been updated – please see
MATLAB Apps For ANSYS Products: Updated for ANSYS 17.0


I have a friend, who is also an ANSYS Fluent user, who asked me a simple question: “Why, in an era when everything is running on the ‘cloud’, can’t I have Fluent running on the cloud and just check on it whenever I want from my own MATLAB® program?”

Actually, you can. It’s as simple as cooking. I promise. In fact, it’s a simple recipe you can cook up with less than 20 lines of MATLAB code. This will be a simple example showing how to request a summarized report and a picture of residuals from a remote running Fluent session. You can use it to create reduced order models or sophisticated controllers in MATLAB for components designed in ANSYS Fluent. Let’s begin: Continue reading