Why Our Electronic Gizmos Don’t Heat Up – Thermal Management of Electronic Devices

image of chip on boardI just had an interesting conversation with some of my colleagues about thermal management of electronic devices. I asked them a very simple question: Why does my cell phone not heat up, even when I talk on it for an hour? They explained to me all of  the challenges of cooling the electronic devices we use every day: computers, cell phones, tablets, pagers. (Oh no! I thought only the Flintstones still use a pager.)

Thermal Management is Essential

What I found most intriguing was how designers of these great products must look at both the heat generation of the device as a function of its usage (idle, in-use, charging) and the cooling system: They must neither under- nor over-design the cooling system. Or worse case, they must make sure that the device does not fail because components get too hot or “grill.” (See picture.)

ANSYS Webinars and Workshops This Week – April 16-20

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