Is Elevator Simulation the Key to Building New Skyscrapers?

Unlike my wife, heights don’t bother me that much. Sure, I get a little freaked out when I stand at the edge of an observation deck on a skyscraper, but I assume everyone is a little affected when they look down 1000 feet to the ground below them.

For me, getting there is the hard part. I’m not a huge fan of elevators in tall buildings. I’ve never had an incident – and I’m a big fan of roller coasters – but I can’t shake the feeling that something bad is going to happen as I’m ascending the Empire State Building or Seattle’s Space Needle in what feels like a rickety old elevator. (I think the engineers at Top of the Rock in Rockefeller Center got it right when they made the elevator’s ceiling glass so you could see where you are going.) Continue reading

The Art of Engineering

The dOCUMENTA is the largest exhibition of modern and contemporary art in the world; it takes place every five years in Kassel, Germany. In 2012 dOCUMENTA XIII ended its 100-day run on September 16. But just one month later, a different form of art took place in Kassel — the art of engineering.

At that time, more than 900 people from various industry, research and academic institutions came for three days to Kassel to attend the ANSYS Conference & 30th CADFEM Users’ Meeting aptly named “The Art of Engineering.” Continue reading

Executives in Milan Innovate to Compete

Historically, ANSYS has been well known by engineers. But in the last several years, more and more executives and entrepreneurs have become interested in understanding what simulation software is and how they can implement it into their companies’ product development cycles. We say “Innovate to Compete.”

At a recent executive conference held in Italy, over 200 top executives met with ANSYS and other business partners. I can easily see why they were interested: An executive’s role is to look ahead, envisioning the products that will represent the future of their businesses. A company leader needs to find ways to create value in a very competitive environment, in which winning the market often means investing heavily in new ideas and facing the risks that come with radical innovation.

image of attendees at Innovate per Competere 2012 in Italy

Today, simulation software supplies insight so a leader can implement a strategic decision, understand which is the right product idea to invest in, determine if the innovation is feasible or not, and have confidence that this new product can realize the promises they are making to customers and shareholders. Today, entrepreneurs can soundly base their choices on virtual testing of thousands of hypotheses, taking into consideration unique ideas that can become breakthrough smart products. Simulation is helping them look into the future of their product’s strategy and make better decisions. That’s the reason behind why an executive meeting like this can be so successful.

Take a moment to view a video that features some conference participants. It is in Italian, but you’ll find an English translation below.

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ANSYS Webinars, Seminars and Events This Week – June 18 – 22

image of Learning text on a keyboardWe’ve got a busy week lined up for ANSYS Webinars, Seminars, Trade Shows and User Conferences. A little something for everyone in fact. Our Ask the Expert Series continues with two webinars on June 20th. One that will discuss Modeling Creep Behavior for ANSYS Mechanical and APDL users. The other focuses on CFD and Best Practices for Scale-Resolving Simulations. As always, these webinars are free to attend. Continue reading

ANSYS Seminars, Webinars and Workshops – June 4 – 8

ANSYS Events This Week

image of Learning text on a keyboardLeading the pack in learning, ANSYS Seminars, Webinars and Workshops for this week offer several opportunities to learn from the experts. Our Ask the Expert Webinar Series continues with two separate events on Wednesday, June 6th. Our full listing of upcoming events this week and beyond can be found on the ANSYS Events Calendar, simply select the region of the world that meets your needs.


Ask the Expert – Wireless Power Transfer

Wednesday, June 06, 2012
4:00 pm EDT, 8:00 pm GMT

Wireless Power Transfer is now being watched with interest by many electronics engineers who understand challenges such as usability and safety in designing charging technology. While this new technology started with smaller mobile devices such as cell phones and laptop PCs, it is now being applied in the area of automotive EV (electric vehicle) charging systems which require larger power capacities in a very limited space. The key component in the technology is a loosely coupled transformer needing coupled electromagnetic field analysis and circuit simulation for its design. ANSYS products provide an intuitive solution which characterize the efficiency of these devices. This presentation introduces wireless power transfer simulation using Maxwell and Simplorer including a specific example of the magnetic resonance type.

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Confidence By Design Workshops

ANSYS is pleased to present our Confidence By Design workshops throughout April, May and June 2012.

The Confidence by Design workshops can be a critical step in helping you realize your product promise. These complimentary sessions will teach you how to leverage our tools to ensure that your designs will work the first time, before any prototypes are built and tested. Sessions vary by location. Register Today by selecting the city of your choice below!

Highlights include:

  • Sessions on how to take advantage of engineering simulation, including ANSYS 14.0, to drive product quality and engineering productivity
  • Opportunities to meet with ANSYS experts to discuss how our solutions can improve your product development processes
  • Networking opportunities for exchanging ideas

April 19 –  Newark, NJ 
April 26 – Phoenix, AZ
May 2 – Orlando, FL
May 2 – Denver, CO
May 4 – Salt Lake City, UT
May 7 – Baltimore, MD
May 8 – Minneapolis, MN
May 8 – San Diego, CA
May 10 – San Jose, CA
May 15 – Seattle, WA
May 17 – Boston, MA
June 5 – Detroit, MI
June 14 – Chicago, IL 
June 20 – Houston, TX

The Path to Robust Design via Engineering Simulation

In my last post, I discussed how robust design and optimization cannot be separated. The competition will quickly outperform nonoptimized solutions; furthermore, nonstable optimized solutions usually lead to customer dissatisfaction. While it’s clear that robust design and optimization are ultimate goals, it may seem that these are unrealistic objectives. Yet, even if the journey to robust design is a long one, engineering simulation is now mature enough to lead the way. Continue reading