Cleaner Use of Coal in the 21st Century

Coal will remain the key fuel for electricity generation in the near future, despite its major contribution to the greenhouse effect. That was the key takeaway from the 38th International Technical Conference on Clean Coal and Fuel Systems, which concluded recently in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. A large focus of the event was to provide information about the cleaner use of coal now and in the future.

That message was expected, given that there has been a concentrated effort by many researchers and engineers to make energy from coal as clean as possible. It was interesting to hear one of the speakers directly couple the economic growth of a country with its use of coal.

coalThe five-day conference provided comprehensive and up-to-date information on emerging, evolving and innovative technologies, fuels and policies in the power generation industry. Information and discussions during the conference help industrialists, academicians, researchers, and technology and equipment suppliers to plan their strategies for cleaner use of coal to mitigate environmental concerns in the 21st century. Continue reading