Setting Up a Simple Flow Simulation (Part 2)

At the end of February, I blogged about how I had the pleasure of talking with Desktop Engineering magazine’s senior editor Kenneth Wong via podcast. He had a simple challenge for me: For a structural engineer who is just beginning to work with fluid dynamics, outline the points important to CFD flow simulation. He also asked me to explain how to avoid pitfalls when setting up the simulation and what to look for when analyzing the results.

That podcast focused on the simulation setup. More recently I met again with Kenneth, and this time he wanted information about how to run the simulation and analyze the results to extract key engineering information.

flow simulation pipe valveRemember, we are looking at a ball valve design. In this design, the flow pushes on the valve when it is partially open, which could deform or move the valve enough to make it leak. The analysis simulates flow behavior inside the valve to determine whether or not the valve leaks.

First we focus on how to ensure that the solution process has gone the way it should. Continue reading