Marussia F1 Upgrades to Wind Tunnels?

image of Marussia F1

Courtesy of Wikipedia – Formula One 2012 Rd.2 Malaysian GP: Charles Pic (Marussia) during the first practice session on Friday. – 23 March 2012, Sepang International Circuit, Selangor, Malaysia

A few months ago, my Google alerts pointed me to an article about the Marussia F1 Team discussing its recent major upgrade. This was just enough to tease me; I decided to tuck the article away to read at a later date. But life got busy, and I’m only now getting back to this article. And, as luck would have it, the F1 season is over. Yet I still wanted to read that article because it stuck in my mind. I still wondered, “What is this major upgrade?”

It was when I read the first sentence — “The Marussia team is hoping to take a step forward for its home race at Silverstone as it introduces what it describes as the first major product of its wind tunnel program.” —  that I fell out of my chair! I was shocked because the Marussia Formula One team designed its racing car using CFD. So what is this new idea? CFD is not good enough for designing an F1 car? It is sure, according to Red Bull Racing. Does CFD provide bad results for the Marusia team? Definitely not! These guys are pros. So why would using a wind tunnel be called a major upgrade? Continue reading