How To Optimize Your Industrial Operations With Digital Twins

The first issue of ANSYS Advantage for 2017 focuses on a revolutionary disruptive technology that you may just be starting to hear about: the digital twin. At the most basic level, a digital twin is a 3-D digital model of an operating physical system. The physical system can be a jet engine, a power generator, a pipeline, a locomotive or an entire industrial plant. Someday, you will most likely have your own digital twin — a virtual copy of yourself — that will allow you and your doctor to predict the behavior of your body to fine tune treatments and optimize your health.

ANSYS Advantage Digital Twins issue

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ASME Turbo Expo Right Around the Corner

Heading to ASME Turbo Expo 2012

Well, it’s that time of year again. The ASME Turbo Expo (sponsored by the International Gas Turbine Institute, or IGTI) is right around the corner. For 20 of the past 23 years, this has meant a travel week for me, and this year it is to Copenhagen, Denmark, June 11 to 15. As turbomachinery is an important part of our business, ANSYS is a Silver Sponsor and strong participant in the event. And justifiably so. The ASME Turbo Expo is the premiere event for turbomachinery, bringing together the best and brightest from leading turbomachinery companies around the world. The draw is that the papers are generally of a high caliber, resulting from a peer review process that is generally only used for journal-quality publications. All the industry leaders are there, and the exposition is high quality and industry specific. Continue reading