Design Subsea ROV Faster and Better with ANSYS CFD

The ROV, or subsea remotely-operated vehicle, is frequently used in marine operations such as underwater mapping, pipeline inspection and surveillance, sending payload, maintenance and operations on subsea oil and gas equipment such as BOP (blowout preventer) and Christmas tree assembly, which controls the oil/gas/water flow out of the well.

Underwater environments create various challenges for the manufacturers of the vehicle robotics. In addition to structure integrity under high pressure, complex underwater hydrodynamics characteristics due to coupling of motions in 6 degrees of freedom needs to be considered. Continue reading

ANSYS Webinars and Events This Week – Sept 3

image of Learning text on a keyboard ANSYS Webinars and EventsSeptember has arrived and in the US with the Labor Day picnics well under way and students are back on campus. Why not get your plan for for learning in order as well. ANSYS webinars and events are the perfect way to boost your knowledge and expertise in simulation engineering. Let’s get started with our list of this weeks opportunities!

ANSYS Webinars, Seminars and Events This Week

Curious About Making User Defined Functions in ANSYS Fluent?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012
9:00 am EDT, 1:00 pm GMT (REGISTER HERE)

ANSYS Fluent is a general CFD solver. To make it even more flexible you have the possibility to write your own functions to work together with the solver. Writing UDF:s can get very complicated and be as versatile as the applications themselves. This webinar aims at showing the basic process of writing and using an UDF. This will be done by showing how to define a profile, which is general and simple enough to be of use for any ANSYS Fluent user. In more detail the topics included will be:

  • Writing the C-code
  • Interpreting or Compiling the code
  • Hooking the code in the GUI
  • Running the simulation with a UDF
  • Questions and answers Continue reading