Solution Dependent Expressions for Fan Cooling Simulation with ANSYS AIM 18

In ANSYS AIM 18, design engineers have reason to be excited about increased functionality for fluids, structural, thermal and electromagnetics. While the foundational problem-solving functionality has existed since AIM 16, new functionality is being added in every release so AIM can better address niche applications. One such enhancement I’d like to bring to your attention is solution-dependent expressions for applications like fan cooling simulation. While this isn’t something I guarantee you’ll use in your everyday simulations, it is a powerful feature needed for certain calculations. Continue reading

A State Space Model for Battery Thermal Management

Battery thermal management is crucial for high-power applications such as electric/hybrid vehicles. Modeling is an indispensable tool for designing better battery cooling systems. A fast and accurate battery thermal state space model (also known as an LTI model) can predict cell temperature under transient heat dissipation and mass flow rate. The state space model is first generated using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) results. Subsequently, the state space model is simulated inside ANSYS Simplorer to determine transient cell temperature. Two examples demonstrate the technology below. The first is an automotive battery module using cylindrical cells, and the second uses prismatic cells. Continue reading