Bleeding-Edge Technology

The engineering simulation community is getting used to the role of ANSYS products behind bleeding-edge technologies, be it serving the exorbitant performance demands of F1 racing cars¬†or extreme precise modeling of the nonlinear elasticity curve of dipole coils or designing entrance window for LHC Beam Dump Line at CERN. But I don’t usually drive a F1 car to the office nor does the existence of Higgs Boson affect my morning breakfast taste, despite being the building block of everything. As one of many tech-hungry people working, or rather living, on the edge and always anticipating what is next, I started thinking about where it all started and where are we now?

Have you ever thought the technology that was born more than 40 years ago, out of Astro Nuclear Research Labs, that has now penetrated into our routine life at such levels that we usually fail to think twice about it? The use of engineering simulation in the design or development of home appliances, cell phones, toys, etc. is well known. So let me draw your attention to a few very routine examples where we usually do not think that simulation matters. Continue reading