When Universities Fly High – University of Naples

20140226_135427 (1)We are pleased to present a guest blog from Giovanni Paolo Reina and Angelo Della Sala at the University of Naples.

The weapon-aircraft integration is one of the most important aspects in military aircraft design and for the study of its performances. In particular store separation problems, i.e. problems related to the release of underwing bodies during the flight, are very critical because they occur during a flight operating condition. Continue reading

Readers Choice for Top 5 ANSYS Advantage Articles

I enjoy working on every article I coordinate for ANSYS Advantage magazine. I always learn something new while assisting ANSYS customers and staff tell their stories of excellence in engineering simulation. I have no favorites as I appreciate all of the articles. But, I decided to let our readers choose their top five, based on the power of downloading. The following are the most-read articles from the four issues (three regular issues and one special issue for oil and gas) of ANSYS Advantage published last year. All these stories have one thing in common: They feature robust and reliable design practices. Drumroll please …

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Could RBF-Morph Technology Help Design Submarines That Move Like Stingrays?

I just saw this really cool video about how researchers at Harvard University and the University of Buffalo looked at the stingray motion in water to think about a new design and propulsion system for submarines.

As you can see, they performed CFD simulation of the stingray motion. As soon as I saw the CFD animation I thought to myself — to do such a simulation, they need to have a good mesh morphing capability as the deformations are large. Why mesh morphing and not fast remeshing? Continue reading

ANSYS Webinars This Week – Nov. 11

ANSYS Webinar Learning Events

This week we have four ANSYS webinars in the line-up.  We hope that you’ll register and attend those that interest you. I’ve also included some in-person events that are taking place in the U.S. this week, so just scroll down to the bottom of the page for those.

For those who need a little more advanced notice to attend ANSYS webinars, please visit our full EVENTS CALENDAR.

November 13, 2013 Ask the Expert – Random Vibration Analysis Using Mechanical & MAPDL R14.5
November 13, 2013 Ask The Expert: Part I – User Defined Functions in ANSYS Fluent
November 14, 2013 Design Integration of Advanced Lightweight Composite Materials & the Challenges of Multifunctionality
November 14, 2013 How to Boost Multi Objective Shape Optimization with Mesh Morphing Technologies from RBF-Morph

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