Excellence in Aerospace Engineering Simulation

Aerospace and defense companies share many commonalities in the type of products they produce, the harsh environments within which these products operate and their overriding focus on safety and reliability. However, each of the commercial aircraft, space and defense sectors faces unique market trends. One common response to the pressures they each face is to deliver excellence in engineering simulation and how it is applied to deliver tangible business impact.

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This Week’s Top 5 Engineering Technology News Articles

Happy Friday, everyone! We’ve got an eclectic mix of interesting engineering technology news articles from this week. A few aerospace and defense pieces that will leave you wondering what will they think of next and a candid Q&A with one of the most wealthy and innovative CEOs today, Elon Musk, who was just given Popular Mechanic’s Breakthrough Award. Oh, and one of my favorites, a piece around simulation going mainstream and what that means for the market. ¬†Enjoy!

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