Optimizing Tunnel Ventilation Fan Blades for Energy Efficiency Using the Adjoint Solver

Because fossil fuel resources around the globe are finite, an overriding engineering design challenge is energy efficiency and sustainability. Today I’ll use tunnel ventilation fans as an example to illustrate how CFD simulation and advancements in our Adjoint Solver in ANSYS 18 can optimize fan blades performance.

According to a report by Mosen Ltd., a leader in this industry, the “greening” of tunnel ventilation is still in its infancy. The application consumes substantial power, sometimes several megawatts; in addition, governmental regulations often require tunnels beyond a certain length (for example, 300 meters) to have ventilation systems that disperse exhaust and control smoke in case of fire. As a result, tunnels need more ventilation capacity than what would be needed for day-to-day air quality. Continue reading

Pump Simulation Advances with ANSYS 17.0

Pumps are pervasive and play an important role across many industries and in our daily lives. They have been around for a long time, when you consider that the Archimedes screw dates back over two thousand years. They come in a wide range of sizes and styles, from heart pumps that measure only millimeters in size to large pump-turbines that measure meters in diameter. Some pumps are custom- engineered and very high-tech, such as those used for liquid rocket propulsion, nuclear submarines or power plant applications. Many others are regarded as a commodity items, although that view is changing, as we shall see. Some estimate that pumps consume as much as 10% of the electricity generated worldwide. Continue reading

Turbomachinery Featured in New ANSYS Advantage

AA-V7-I3-ANSYS-Advantage-Turbomachinery ANSYS Advantage Volume VII Issue 3 is now available, and I am pleased to announce that the spotlight is on my area, turbomachinery (some call it rotating machinery). My industry colleagues at ANSYS and I contributed several overview articles that, I hope, explain the work we are doing to empower developers to design and build better, more energy efficient turbomachinery.

Of great interest to me are the customer contributions — for a number of reasons, including historical ones. I have worked in the business for so many years, and it is really gratifying to see how far the software and customers’ applications have advanced. The positive impact on new machinery development is amazing as well. Continue reading