This Week’s Top 5 Engineering Technology News Articles

Happy Friday, folks! Every now and again, we just have to toot our own horn. Pat ourselves on the back. Give ourselves two thumbs up. You get the picture. This week was kind of a big deal here at ANSYS — we released the newest version of our software,14.5.   We also had some great coverage that talks about simulation’s role in the F1 racing industry. And don’t miss how supercomputers and simulation are helping researchers come up with a better helmet design for the military and athletes!


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UV Disinfection of Water Using CFD

While doing some research, I found an article that interested me because it showed yet another area  I had never heard about for using computational fluid dynamics. Sandia National Laboratories is using CFD for an UV disinfection process for water. Don’t get me wrong, using CFD for water treatment is nothing new. But the fact that the article focused on the specific UV treatment is what caught my attention. I wondered what would be so particular in this application that CFD could help?

Was it to compute the flow in the device? The pressure drop? No it couldn’t be…or why would Sandia Labs be looking into something so trivial? After further reading, I found the explanation I was looking for. The goal was actually to predict the UV disinfection process. But how to include the effect of UV? There is no out-of-the-box UV CFD model! Continue reading