ANSYS SpaceClaim Creates Accurate Weld Surfaces 10X Faster

Analysts often find themselves in the business of defeaturing geometry to prepare solid models for structural simulation. Removing rounds, filling holes, eliminating small features; the list goes on. Before ANSYS SpaceClaim, those tasks were time consuming at best. Realistically they were tedious, difficult, and a necessary evil.

Those necessary features exist either because of design requirements or because they are closely tied to manufacturing procedures. Weld geometry is no exception to the latter. However, unlike drafted surfaces or some complex rounds, weld geometry is necessary for both manufacturing and analysis. In the case of structural analysis using shell elements, or midsurfaces, the question analysts are left with is how to model them accurately. Continue reading

This Week’s Top 5 Engineering Technology News Articles

Happy Friday and Happy New Year, folks! This week’s roundup looks at what we thought 2013 would look like 10 years ago, how engineers are getting creative to keep massive supercomputers cool, and a new computer-based method to figure out a drug’s side effects before it hits the market.


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