ANSYS AIM Customization Increases Opportunities for Upfront Simulation

Many companies are looking to introduce simulation upfront, as early as possible in their design processes, to bring better products to market faster and at reduced overall costs. ANSYS AIM has been developed with a view to providing unparalleled ease of use on top of ANSYS’ proven solver technology in a highly configurable and customizable way. We talked about this in our recent webinar, now available on-demand. Continue reading

Optimizing Product Designs for Heat Transfer and Thermal Stress

Earlier this year, we introduced ANSYS AIM, the first integrated and comprehensive multiphysics simulation environment designed for all engineers. Since then, we’ve been working hard to add new features to allow you to address a broader range of product design challenges. With ANSYS AIM 16.2, we have included many new capabilities that allow you to rapidly predict the thermal and thermal-stress performance of product designs. Continue reading