5 Influential Must Read Articles for 2015

As the ANSYS Advantage team gathers contributions and best practices for an issue focused on healthcare simulation in 2015, it’s worth revisiting our 2014 feature on a new heart valve replacement produced with simulation that could change the way we look at open-heart surgery. Much of what we covered — and uncovered — last year will continue to be relevant in the coming 12 months. Check out what moved us and our readers in 2014, from drones to the Internet of Things (IoT) to those aforementioned developments in heart-valve replacement procedures. These articles span industries including aerospace and defense, healthcare, higher education, and high tech but are important to everyone.

So, take a look at 2014’s top five articles, many of which will influence industry and our daily lives in 2015 and beyond. Continue reading

University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering Student Design Expo Today

The Swanson School of Engineering — located in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh, a short four miles from the downtown — is having its first Student Design EXPO today, Thursday, December 4, from 6:00 to 8:30 in Alumni Hall. This first EXPO has a unique focus on sustainability —DSC_0126 each of the 71 projects must include a sustainability component as this is the “Year of Sustainability” at the University of Pittsburgh.

The Swanson School has an obvious strong relationship to ANSYS. John Swanson, ANSYS’s founder received his PhD from us. On December 5, 2007, John presented the University of Pittsburgh with a most generous gift and we became the Swanson School of Engineering. John is a frequent visitor to the Swanson School and is currently mentoring several student projects focused on harvesting and using solar energy, a current passion of his. Continue reading

Educating the Next Generation of Engineers

This is an exciting time at universities and colleges around the world. Innovations in education make it easier, more accessible and more fun for students to learn — and for professors to educate the next generation of engineers. The rapid pace of interdisciplinary, collaborative academic research is directly (and indirectly, through relationships with industry) reshaping our daily lives in ways we could not have imagined a decade ago. More students participate in the challenge of gaining engineering knowledge today than ever before. In the classroom, in the lab or during student competitions, computer-aided simulation is a vital tool in engineering education. Our latest issue of ANSYS Advantage magazine features how the academic world uses engineering simulation. Continue reading