Virtual Systems Prototyping with Modelica in ANSYS Simplorer

Last summer, we shared with you some of the advances in ANSYS 16.2 as they related to virtual systems prototyping, including how you can optimize your product development process and improve collaboration among different departments and disciplines. I’m happy to let you know that we’ve continued to enhance our systems offering with the latest release of ANSYS Simplorer in ANSYS 17.0.

modelica logoI’m personally most excited about the native support for Modelica in this new version of ANSYS Simplorer. Why? ANSYS Simplorer users will be delighted to know that you can create and assemble models faster than ever using Modelica models. Native support for the Modelica language allows you to import Modelica models directly into Simplorer. New library components provide access to hundreds of additional mechanical and fluid component models for complex electrified systems.

Modelica is a powerful, standard language for modeling the behavior of complex, multi-domain systems. With an expanding global footprint, the Modelica community supports a  rich set of model libraries and expertise for simulating systems in automotive, aerospace, energy, process control, industrial equipment and more. This initial implementation of Modelica combines with Simplorer’s leading capabilities for simulating complete electrified systems, integrating with VHDL-AMS behavioral modeling, 3-D physics coupling and linking to embedded software. You can simulate over 1,500 additional components from the Modelica Standard Library (MSL) and Hydraulics and Pneumatics Libraries from Modelon, extending Simplorer’s leadership in power electronic and electromechanical system simulation into additional domains. (Learn more about Modelica or check out Modelon’s libraries)

virtual systems prototyping

ansys 17 10X engineering simulationWe’ve also enhanced ANSYS Simplorer in other ways with this release. The ability to readily combine multiple levels of fidelity at the system level is vital for simulation-driven product development. ANSYS 17.0 makes it faster than ever to create and assemble models in Simplorer for full system simulation. You can now model, simulate and verify your systems with 10x more productivity. How?

ANSYS Simplorer is now fully integrated with the ANSYS Electronics Desktop, which streamlines workflows for creating reduced-order models for electromagnetic components. The Electronics Desktop also enables co-simulation with ANSYS Maxwell, ANSYS Q3D Extractor, and ANSYS HFSS. In addition, we’ve improved solver performance and capacity for large system models. Large data sets (e.g., those created with Maxwell ECE reduced-order models) now load 10x faster!

Learn more about ANSYS Simplorer and Modelica by watching this demo.

Find out how you can utilize virtual systems prototyping by downloading this white paper or viewing this on-demand webinar, Toward Virtual System Prototyping: Challenges and Enablers in Modeling Systems.

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