Looking Forward to AIAA SciTech Forum

In a few days, I’ll be in Florida at the AIAA SciTech Forum, along with some of our technology experts. This is the place where you can get an inside look at how much innovation is going on in the aerospace industry today. At ANSYS, we are constantly expanding our simulation platform capabilities through internal development and integration, acquisitions and partnership. Let me highlight just a tiny part of what happened in 2017 and what you can “touch” at our booth at SciTech.

The industry is propelling towards cleaner and quieter airplanes that will rely more and more on electrical systems including hybrid or full electric propulsion. We see more and more multi-functional composites materials and additive manufacturing added into building processes, changing them to smart and connected machines, revolutionizing maintenance and services through digital twins. And in other sectors, they are designing more small satellites and reusable / modular launchers to send them into space. All of this cannot be achieved solely with the technology we have today, but simulation is evolving to support this revolution.

Look at Your Data in a Different Way
Last year, we added ANSYS EnSight to the toolbox for designers and engineers — software that enables you to analyze, visualize, and communicate your simulation results. ANSYS EnSight is more than the leading post-processor and visualization software program, it is a data fusion program. It consolidates data from multiple engineering simulations and other sources to help explore and explain complex systems and processes. It handles simulation data from a wide range of physics from fluids, structures, particles, crash, electromagnetic and more. And, it imports data from experiments, wind tunnels, imaging systems like MRI, and images and animations. With EnSight, you can create and communicate the best looking, clear, highest resolution simulation results on datasets that were previously thought to be too big to handle.

Whether you are an experienced EnSight user and want to see the latest advancements in release 10.2 or are just want to see first hand what EnSight can do for you, stop by the ANSYS booth and meet Martin Faber, an EnSight expert who will take you through a live demo.

A Complete End-to-end Workflow for Additive Manufacturing
Additive manufacturing is the fastest-growing engineering market segment. While it has the potential to transform the industrial manufacturing landscape, companies have several hurdles to overcome before they can broadly replace existing manufacturing methods. Printing metal is particularly challenging because it often involves a laser, which optimizes the metal’s density for each application. But it can also melt the metal in unexpected ways, causing product failure. Additionally, rapid heating and cooling causes stresses that can deform the product. The combined ANSYS 3DSIM simulation solution will mitigate those risks, leading to stronger, yet lighter components in the future. Stop by and hear about the latest in additive manufacturing at ANSYS.

ANSYS Simplorer – Moving Towards More Electric Aircraft
As efforts are made to further electrify aircraft, switching away from traditional power sources comes with its own unique set of challenges. Prototyping and physical testing of these new solutions  are expensive; you must think about many aspects of the entire electrical system, from 3D physics, to hardware and software integration; reliability must be achieved — how will your systems respond if there are faults, and these new systems are safety-critical and the embedded code controlling the system often has to comply with certification standards like DO-178C.

We have developed tools and workflows to effectively and efficiently developing and validating the performance of aerospace systems that consist of power electronics, electric machines, sensors, cables, bus bars, battery technology, and controls. In order to have a full system view, we have evolved our ANSYS Simplorer to excel at simulation and analysis for aerospace electrification. Simplorer’s proven track record and deep integration with ANSYS 3D physics and control software is now the key to provide the accuracy and all the capabilities to understand and optimize electrified systems.

These are only a tiny part of the new and exciting things we have brought into our simulation platform, or if you want to know more about them just visit ANSYS Booth 306 at AIAA Scitech. I’ll be there along with ANSYS engineers to show you what simulation can do today, and what we are envisioning for tomorrow, for airplanes, helicopters, drones, satellites and launchers. Stop by and say hello!

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About Paolo Colombo

Paolo Colombo is the Aerospace & Defense Global Industry Director at ANSYS. He was born in Italy in 1970, joined the Air Force as student pilot in 1992 and, though his career took a different path, he is still regularly flying. From 1999 his passion for advanced technologies brought him to work with companies' managers and executives on emerging technologies in product engineering, rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing and engineering simulation. He joined ANSYS in 2010. Paolo holds a BSc and an MBA majoring in Innovation management.

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