About Manohar (Manny) Raju

Manny Raju is the Senior Product Marketing Specialist, Electronics Business Unit at ANSYS. He is responsible for technical product marketing initiatives. Prior to joining ANSYS he worked as a research assistant at UB Toshiba Stroke Research Center. He received an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from University at Buffalo, The State University of New York.

Improve Thermal Reliability with ANSYS Icepak

Electronics is at the heart of many exciting products like smartphones, tablets, and TVs, and it plays a key role in various industries from semiconductor, automotive, agriculture, aerospace, entertainment to healthcare. Modern electronic devices are faster, smaller, and denser than ever before. Since we pack millions of transistors within a small area, these devices tend to generate a lot of heat. Heat-induced mechanical effects, such as delamination, and breakage of solder joints connecting the chips to their printed circuit boards (PCBs), can cause system-wide reliability problems. It’s critical to simulate the electro-thermal and structural properties of electronic designs before you build the hardware. Simulation tools from ANSYS can solve these challenges and improve the reliability and performance of electronic products. Continue reading