In Silico Medicine: Let’s Do It … TOGETHER … NOW!

in silico simulation2015 was a fantastic year for the medical Internet of Things (Medical IoT), in silico clinical trials and personalized medicine. Many thought leaders and industry pioneers elaborated exciting visions. Leading regulatory authorities, such as the FDA, encouraged a number of innovative approaches, including the large-scale adoption of computer-based models to streamline the regulatory approval process.

I am thrilled by what these changes will bring to the future of medicine and excited that ANSYS technology will be essential to make these visions a reality. But I am also a little anxious. How can we make sure these dreams come true? This led me to make an important resolution for 2016: to assist everyone involved in simulation-driven healthcare advances to ensure that these new medical technologies will become available this year.

However, even backed by ANSYS, the worldwide leader in engineering simulation, these crucial changes in a discipline vital to all of us is not something that we can do by ourselves. All the key players must join forces — healthcare thought leaders, academic experts, innovative industrialists and regulatory authorities — to agree on the most efficient strategy and immediately execute it. For those of us already engaged in this exciting journey, it is time to accelerate. There is no better time and place to rededicate ourselves to this goal than at the Medical Device & Manufacturing West show in medically innovative Southern California in early February.

Along with ANSYS’ medical simulation expert, Marc Horner, and a few best-in-class colleagues, I’ll attend the event and will be waiting to talk to you at Booth 3409. This is a unique opportunity to chat with each of you, not just about your dreams for a great revolution in patient-specific medical care in the future, but to discuss specific steps we can take to improve healthcare for a more immediate impact. Among other things, our team would like to get your feedback on two tools that we believe will be essential to personalized medicine: the new capabilities of ANSYS AIM software and the powerful pre-processing tool, ANSYS SpaceClaim, which will streamline the import of patient-specific geometries.


Because the show takes place around the time of our February Monthly Healthcare Webinar, I will take advantage of the presence of so many medical leaders and healthcare innovators. I’ll interview a few of you so others can discover, during our regular webinar, your visions, expectations and concerns about the near-term future.

So let’s do it together. Let’s do it now!

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Thierry Marchal is the Industry Director for Healthcare, Construction and Consumer Products at ANSYS, Inc., a role he has held since 2006. In his two decades of professional experience, Thierry has worked as a Global Material Market Segment Manager with Fluent, Inc., and Product Manager with Polyflow. Beyond his usual professional responsibilities he also directs ANSYS's global thought leadership initiative. Thierry holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a MBA in Marketing both from Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium. View Thierry Marchal's LinkedIn profile

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