Feather or Synthetic Shuttlecock Design to Win the Game?

Every Friday night, I’m playing badminton with a few friends in my village of Perwez in Belgium. Beyond the motivation of staying fit and healthy while having good time, I’m also pushed by the strong desire to defeat my friend and colleague Michel Rochette from our Lyon office. Occasionally, we are organizing international games to challenge each other and so far, the results are very tight. But I now have a winning strategy!  Continue reading

Google Zeitgeist 2012 and Engineering’s Finest

As the year 2012 comes to a close, I look back on the accomplishments, milestones and triumphs and can smile with pride. Google Zeitgeist releases an annual video that features the most memorable moments for that year – this year’s video includes clips from Felix Baumgartner’s space jump, the infamous US Presidential Election, the London Olympics, medical milestones, the cries for change across the world, The Euro Cup and many other special events.

But as I watched this video, I realized that I see it through a different lens than most people. Being in the business of simulation, I often wonder about the underlying technology that was used to achieve these great moments in history. Continue reading

2012 Olympic Games – Will Speedo Contribute to Record Breaking Stats?

Are you ready for the Olympic Games to begin? Around the world, millions of eyes will be glued to the TV or Internet. NBC has 5,535 hours of coverage planned. Google has a dedicated website. For the next couple of weeks it will be a sports fans delight. At ANSYS, because of our work with Speedo, most of us will be particularly interested in the Swimming Events. Continue reading

ANSYS Helps Speedo Make a Splash (Well less actually!)

Here at ANSYS, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the moment we would tell the world that Speedo® used ANSYS CFD at their Aqualab® to once again create leading-edge swimwear, equipment and apparel under their Fastskin Racing System® line. Yesterday morning, the press release hit the wire.

I remember very clearly the 2008 article that described the use of CFD to improve swimsuit performance, published in our ANSYS Advantage Magazine. These suits were quite the success in the 2008 Olympics! At the time, I thought that nothing more could be done with swimwear, that this was the final evolution in the area of high-performance swimsuits.

How wrong I was! The 2008 suit would not be the final evolution, it would be the beginning of a series of innovations. The newest Speedo development is, in fact, a system that comprises a choice of 19 products, including caps, goggles and suits, allowing swimmers to select the best combination to meet their preferences and performance needs. Continue reading

Body Scanning Technology – Simulating Fashion

Driving home the other night, I heard an interesting piece on All Tech Considered that discussed body scanning technology and whether people would be willing to get naked in a store dressing room or at home in front of their Microsoft Kinect, all in the search for clothing that looks best on them. Now, I’m a sucker for nudity on the radio, so I had to listen for more.

It seems this company, Bodymetrics, is using body-scanning technology to help people find the perfect jeans for them. (If they could only put that technology in those blasted full-body scanners in airports, we could kill two birds with one stone!)

Body-Scanning Technology and Accuracy

But creating a painfully accurate model of the body is only the first part of the puzzle. Different fabrics behave differently even if they have the same cut. How does a silk top look on a tall body type versus polyester on an obese person versus linen on a stout one? Try modeling those various permutations. Continue reading