About Rakesh Yadav

Rakesh is a Principle Software Developer at with over 15 years of experience in CFD at ANSYS. He specializes in simulation of Coal Combustion process in Boilers, Gas Turbines, Petro-chemical industry and Radiation in Combusting environment. He also develops turbulent combustion modeling, Chemical Vapor Deposition and Segregation of species in Alloys solidification.

Efficiently Modeling Turbulent Combustion with Realistic Chemistry Using a Flamelet-Generated Manifold

The main challenge of turbulent combustion simulation is to resolve turbulent mixing together with the chemistry of combustion involving hundreds of molecular species, in a solution time that is compatible with engineering design. Steady diffusion flamelet-based turbulent combustion models have been used for nearly three decades. The computational efficiency of flamelet-based models has been the key to their widespread success in industrial applications. However, increasingly stringent emission requirements continuously push designers to incorporate more finite-rate chemistry effects for the engine simulations in a more comprehensive manner. Continue reading