About Wes Shimanek

Wes Shimanek, a 33 year veteran of technical computing, is the Workstation Segment Marketing Manager in Intel's Data Center Group. Shimanek is responsible for setting Intel's workstation initiatives and coordinates Intel's ecosystem in the delivery of Intel Architecture based solutions. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Management from Purdue University and has been involved in the development and design of information technology solutions for the manufacturing and energy markets for over 30 years. He has led teams in adopting custom, off the shelf solutions that significantly reduce the product cost, risk, and time to market of complex medical imaging systems. Shimanek has also worked in the computer graphics market where he was responsible for marketing and sales for what was the benchmark standard for the industry at the time. Prior to joining Intel Corporation, Shimanek was the Director of Strategic Planning for Dell Computer Corporation's workstation product group.

Shorter Design Cycles and Multiple Iterations Within Easy Reach

You’ve heard all the talk about simulation-based design. You’ve listened to colleagues— maybe even some of your competitors — wax on about how doing robust simulation studies early on in the design cycle leads to more and better product ideas while also optimizing use of materials. In fact, you’re sold on the need to embrace advanced analysis, but you just don’t see how it’s feasible given the perceived complexity and cost of the simulation software — not to mention, the high-powered workstation gear. Continue reading