Designing Cool, Wearable Electronics with ANSYS and Synapse

nike fuel band Hardly a day goes by when we don’t hear about the upcoming revolution in wearable devices or the Internet of Things (IoT). The $3.2B acquisition of Nest® by Google clearly got noticed by all of us. But, the Nest thermostat is just one example of connected devices that are poised to change our lives over the coming years. The Nike FuelBand® and Fitbit® have already been helping us shape up for some time.

Now we are starting to see smart locks for homes. The Goji™ smart lock allows you to enter your home by using your smartphone. The benefit is that not only can you easily enter your home, you can allow service representatives as well as guests and relatives to do the same. Pretty cool!

What does this mean to you and me as consumers and engineers? As consumers, we can look forward to constant connectivity with our loved ones, having easy access to information, and many conveniences. As engineers and scientists, we can look forward to more design complexity. The proliferation of multiple wireless technologies in battery-operated devices means a lot a care needs to go into the design process.

On top of that, we are no longer just satisfied with pure functionality. We expect beauty, ease of use, and reliability. So, modern engineering simulation products need to provide an immersive 3-D experience to the design engineer that allows for full characterization and optimization of electrical, thermal, and mechanical performance.

If you want to put cool into your next hot product, please join us on April 28th for a webinar called Designing RF Antennas for Wearable Electronics and The Internet of Things (IoT) that is presented in collaboration with Synapse Product Development — the masterminds behind some of the coolest wearable technology in the world.

And, in case you don’t know who Synapse is, here’s a very entertaining look into what they do..

Synapse Presents: The Product Development Process from Synapse on Vimeo.

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Sudhir Sharma is the Director of High Tech Industry Strategy and Marketing at ANSYS. He is leading the company's Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives, focusing on smart connected products that are transforming automotive, healthcare, energy, and industrial applications. Sudhir holds 19 U.S. patents for innovative wireless communication, computer networking, video & image processing, and semiconductor memory designs. Connect with Sudhir on LinkedIn: /sudhirksharma/

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