Industrial Internet of Things Powers a Transformation of Business Opportunities

For over 30 years, ANSYS has been supplying GE with sophisticated first principle modeling tools that have enabled virtual prototyping of some of the worlds most complex products. The relationship continues to mature as the two explore the marriage of GE’s Predix Platform with ANSYS’ Simulation Platform to create the potential to enhance the monetization of asset health monitoring and the industrial internet of things. This marriage further enables closed loop feedback with engineering to accelerate NPI and drive costly warranty costs out.

The ANSYS Simulation Platform utilizes a variety of parameters sensed, collected and sorted by the Predix Platform, parameters such as temperature, pressure and vibration to create a simulation based physics model that represents a digital twin of an asset that can be used to accurately predict asset health.

predix-ansys industrial internet of things

These accurate lifing predictions enable scheduling of maintenance for the asset when least disruptive to operations or increasing the actionability of alerts and prognostic techniques. The desired outcome is optimizing asset revenue generation over the life of the asset!

Our solution for industrial equipment and asset management is already being deployed by global leaders. Watch this video to learn more about our digital twin solution.

industrial internet of thingsI’ll be attending GE’s Minds + Machines Conference again this year in San Francisco, November 15 & 16.  In fact, ANSYS is a sponsor and will host a booth in the Exhibit Hall where we will demonstrate this solution combining GE’s software and ANSYS’ component and systems-level modeling.

I hope to see you in San Francisco to explore the possibilities emerging from the combination of mind + machine!  Please stop by and say hello.

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