Influencing Efficient Wind Energy Generation

Wind power can be a source of cheap, renewable energy when it is captured and used efficiently. From a business perspective, engineering simulation technology contributes to wind energy viability by influencing efficient generation, which can impact design, manufacturing, site selection, farm layout, deployment and operation.

The industry continually innovates to meet growing complexities for both onshore and offshore wind turbines. The combination of cost and weight reduction requirements, coupled with reliability and economic considerations, puts additional demand on engineering design and processes. The benefits of engineering simulation include better understanding of components and system-level performance, which deals with both components and systems and covers fluids, structure, electronic, acoustics, composites, transmission, seismic, fatigue and thermal analysis and design.

Sample results from a CFD simulation of wind turbine blade – shows flow stream lines. Courtesy IMPSA.

Wind Energy Generation Summary

By leveraging high-level integration and advanced capabilities, over time engineers are extending their former point solutions. The trend in engineering design is for simulation to include additional details so the team can engineer the entire wind energy power generation system. In addition, engineering simulation tools are used in all aspects of wind energy, from design to installation, including wind farm selection and siting, offshore installation, and manufacturing. The goal is to continue to improve efficiency and reliability and, ultimately, to drive down cost and reduce downtime, making wind energy continually more economically viable. As wind energy systems become more complex, engineering simulation can play an increasing, pivotal role in improvements and innovation — which will enhance the viability, performance and overall success of wind energy.

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